Kimber Tactical Pro II .45 ACP Best Loads

Since it first appeared a few years ago, Kimber’s Tactical…

Since it first appeared a few years ago, Kimber’s Tactical Pro II .45 ACP has become the preferred carry gun of many M1911 aficionados. And with good reason, it’s a lot of gun for a fair price. Similar in size and weight to the old Colt Combat Commander, but with many more features, the Tactical Pro II is aesthetically pleasing, tactically sound in concept, of excellent quality and thus, a highly efficient self-defense tool. In fact, it’s so aesthetically pleasing that it’s almost too nice to carry on a daily basis, given how carry guns inadvertently get knocked around.
Being essentially a compact M1911, the Tactical Pro II is capable of superb accuracy, better than typically encountered with most pistol designs. Not surprisingly, mine shot 25-meter 3-shot Ransom Rest groups averaging around 1.5 inches with all brands of 230-grain FMJ, and printed them virtually dead-on point of aim at 50 meters. In addition, with all brands, flawless feeding was also experienced.

160- to 165-Grain JHPs
As for JHPs, the most accurate was CorBon’s 160-grain DPX JHP, which printed 25-meter 3-shot Ransom Rest groups of 1.5 inches about 0.5 of an inch above point of aim, which for reasons that completely escape me, places it dead-on at 50-meters. Normally, light bullet, high-performance loads tend to print either very high or very low, but not in this case.

In both water and live critters, it expanded magnificently, but without demonstrating excessive penetration. In each case, I recovered the spent bullet from beneath the off-side hide or found it lying on the ground next to the downed animal. This is textbook performance and couldn’t be better, especially when we consider that feeding was also flawless, recoil entirely manageable and muzzle flash minimal. For these reasons, it quickly became my preferred load.

Though not as accurate, CorBon’s 165-grain Pow’RBall +P, is highly frangible, exhibiting spectacular expansion, but exceptionally low penetration. Were I an apartment dweller, concerned with wall penetration into adjacent rooms or other apartments, this would without a doubt be my choice.

It also feeds perfectly in my Tactical Pro II, and is controllable in fast shooting sequences, but because of its noticeably low penetration, I don’t think it would be the best choice if you will be operating in or around vehicles. On the other hand, for use against unprotected targets, it should perform quite well.

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  • Soldier

    Look I’m a Retired US Army VET. and I have 4 1911’s but, I have to say my Kimber PRO TLE/RL 11 is junk, I know every CO. has a bad gun and I feel I gave Kimber a chance to make it right, So I sent them my gun, after 5 weeks they sent it back to me, I love the way it looks, feel, and how it shoots when it shoots!? the bad part is the gun would not shoot more then 5 to 6 rounds with out jamming, FTF, I have some of the best new mags, you can buy, that did not work? I will say if a round go’s down range it hits where you pointed it! but after getting it back I had the same thing’s go bad as I did when I sent it to them? So I called kimber they told me ( well you have to clean it every 100 rounds?) I told the person on the phone I would love to get 100 rounds down range with out my gun jamming! the person told me the gun worked OK when they had it! Well then he told me you have to break it in? I have had a 1911 for over 45 years. It took me four days and 600 rounds and the gun still jams, FTF, this was be for I sent it to Kimber I can’t shoot 5 to 6 rounds of 230 hard ball with out it messing up!? Now I have to send it back to Kimber they told me it will be 4 to 5 weeks? I asked if they could help me out this was not the first time I sent it to them, they told me I was not the only person that has a gun there!? and it was a first in first out, what a mess! to think Kimber sell so good but the people I talk to think every one that calls is taking time out of there day and they do not want to talk to you!? I will never buy a kimber after this I will put all my money in Springfield from this point on! I’m not the only person that has the same problem just like this, a good friend I trained with in the Army has the same gun and he had same thing go bad with his gun kimber has had his gun 3 times!? KIMBER WHAT IS GOING ON OVER THERE??? you can check out 1911 blogs and you will see what I’m talking about! I’m sad to have to put this down but I feel people need to know!