Legal Duties

When anyone decides to carry a firearm to defend themselves…

When anyone decides to carry a firearm to defend themselves and their loved ones, most people consider things like which weapon to choose, how and where to carry it, what kind of training to get, what the legal responsibilities and liabilities are, etc. Hopefully they study and develop some sort of tactical skills too, such as learning to fight from a defendable position or finding a place to fight that will give them some kind of advantage (or at least not allow their adversary to gain an advantage)—all absolutely fundamental to going home safely after a bullet slinging showdown.

Of course the best way to win a confrontation is not get into it in the first place. Being tactically sound in a firefight is the second best way to win a confrontation. However, unless you are legally sound in your tactics you may have won the first fight, but the second fight may cost you the ability to own a firearm ever again or more. I’m not talking about some fancy legal dance by your attorney that will keep you out of jail. I am talking about having an even clearer picture and understanding of how to win the ensuing legal battl as you do when winning a gun battle. The principles addressed here apply to any use of force or self-defense issue, but primarily with use of force with a firearm.

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