Lone Wolf’s Duo | Folding Tactical Knives

Paul Prankster and Damascus Lobo folding knives dressed up for tactical use!

Some of us might not like to admit it, but as long as it doesn’t hurt performance, even hardcore professionals usually like a little “class” in their equipment. The classic example has always been the legendary Texas Rangers with their custom boots, hand-tooled belts and holsters, silver buckles and engraved ivory grip 1911s. Anyone care to tell them they are all flash and no go?

lonewolf.jpgBoth the custom and production versions of Paul Poehlmann’s folding knives have long carried the same status as an engraved handgun. All of his knives are best known for the patented rotating “Paul” lock on the front bolster. To open the knife you depress the button with your thumb and forefinger and rotate the handle away from the blade. With a little practice, this is relatively easy to do one-handed. Reversing the same process can close the blade.

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