Martial Arts for Bodyguards

No doubt the most common question I get about working…

No doubt the most common question I get about working in close protection is, “How can I get a job earning $10,000 a week guarding a beautiful movie star?” Well, good luck on that one, but I do get other questions like, “What is the best martial art to study for working in close protection?” For those of us in the United States and in some other parts of the world, martial arts are viewed as an adjunct to firearms training, but I have trained bodyguards who work in places where even the ASP baton is denied.

martialarts2.jpgAs a result, their martial arts skills are essential to doing their job. Oh, I frequently discuss improvised weapons when training these units, but their hands and feet are their primary weapons (usually). In some cases, these same teams have to be trained with weapons because their client has residences or business interests in some countries where the protection team can be armed while in others they cannot.

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  • Doc Rogers Says: Mr. Leroy Thompson discusses the topic of Martial Arts for Bodyguards. This is an excellent article and the topic is not often discussed in such a professional manner. Keep safe and God speed.

  • Javier Ruiz

    I know about this.
    I make seminar at Europe for bodyguards.
    Martial arts about all close combat,are usually trained for security crew.