Maximized .38 SPL Snubbie | .38 Special Snub Nose Revolvers

Getting the most stopping power out of your Smith & Wesson J-frame revolver!

Since their first appearance over 50 years ago, Smith & Wesson’s J-frame series has continued to be popular with nearly the whole spectrum of shooters. Men, women and even kids who are being taught to shoot by their parents have long cherished the J-frame. It is also popular with undercover and uniformed police officers who rely upon it as both a primary and back-up gun.

snubbie2Much of its popularity is due to its lightweight and diminutive size, which allows it to be easily concealed and carried with minimum discomfort. However, these same characteristics also make it a tough gun to shoot well, particularly under stress. This notwithstanding, the J-frame is still one of the best-selling revolvers of our time.

M637 Details
The latest of the series is the M637, a nice update of the venerable Chief’s Special S&W that was so popular decades ago. This well-conceived and well-executed little snubbie sports nicely shaped rubber stocks, aiding in weapon control and has an eye-pleasing satin finish. All in all, the M637 can be regarded as being one of the nicer .38 Special snubbies ever made.

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