Mistakes That Can Kill

At the end of the shooting session, you should ask…

tactics.gifAt the end of the shooting session, you should ask yourself, “How many mistakes did I make?” Whether in practical match competition, practice or on the training range, you should assess your performance from the viewpoint of personal survival. The number of serious tactical mistakes made is more important than the total events you have won.

Bad Habits
Over the years I have witnessed many winning performances in serious match competition, on the training range or informal scenario practice. The top shooter was always quite proud of his winning effort. Many times, however, this winning performance was accomplished with techniques and tactics that very well might have gotten the shooter killed out in the real world.

These individuals had completely lost sight that the exercise in question was supposed to reflect a realistic defensive confrontation. Worse yet, many of these individuals had never personally thought about proper tactics for survival, nor had anyone explained it to them.

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  • art diaz

    mistakes that kill is so true. To add to this I have seen competition shooters use a match gun and when they are in the street they carry a different gun!! That is a deadly mistake.The best of both worlds is related to pistol match compettion and carrying the gun you compete with. This serves the purpose of making you one with the gun, so that there is no disconnect and therefore increases your chances in a deadly encounter.