More Myths Versus Reality

I just got back from a week of testifying in…

I just got back from a week of testifying in armed self-defense cases to teach an LFI-I class to 28 people who included a lawyer, a few cops and a couple dozen concerned private citizens. In the Q&A sessions, I wound up being asked about enough additional myths on the topic to fill another article. I shouldn’t have been surprised.

selfdefense2.jpgFor generations in this country, solid information on this topic simply was not taught to private citizens. Someone who asked, “When can I shoot someone in self-defense” was told by society, “That’s a cop’s job! If you want to do that, go to the police academy and become a cop.” Well, that was a little like the old days when a hormone-filled teenager who asked for information about sex was told by adults, “Just don’t do it! You’ll find out all about that when you get married.”

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