Gun Butter

GUN BUTTER Polish your guns up with Gun Butter, an…

Polish your guns up with Gun Butter, an exotic blend of the finest synthetics lubricants, to ensure break-in protection and durability, superior performance in extreme weather conditions and consistent functions. Expect the best from an aerospace team who designed it! Find out more from Gun Butter, 15321 Meadow Rd., Dept CH, Lynnwood, WA 98087; 425-742-7331;

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  • Jerry Honeycutt

    This stuff is top notch. A little goes a long ways and it resists “Fouling” very well. Its consistency and fluidity appear to be unaffected by heat or powder. I am in no way associated with “Gun Butter” , just happen to really really like the stuff on my “Wet Guns”, my 1911’s and AR’s all love the stuff. You should try it out yourself on guns that prefer lots of lube like the ones I mentioned above. I actually went as far as calling the guy who created this stuff and talked for nearly an hour. He sold me on it. The little “Pen” type applicator makes putting a few well aimed drops easy at the range. Best regards,

    Jerry Honeycutt