New Ruger SR9 9mm Polymer Handgun Review

A major leap forward, the Ruger SR9 9mm pistol is a slim 18-shot polymer powerhouse!

Since the mid 1980s, it’s been interesting to watch the evolution of Ruger’s centerfire autopistols. Starting with the 9mm P85, which was a major leap for the company, the lineup grew from that first model on through several other generations of Ruger autos to cover other 9mm platforms, and include the popular .40 and .45 calibers. Once the initial teething pains of the P85 were resolved, the Ruger autos developed a reputation for being strong, reliable, and reasonably priced for most buyers.

ruger2.jpgBut, they also became well known for being thick, blocky, and not particularly well suited to concealed carry by either police or permit holders. Rugged uniform, field, and range pistols, but still missing a certain refinement, with slide-mounted safeties that were perfectly functional but less than ideal in location, and sharp-edged slide release levers that stuck way out from the receiver. Ergonomics for those pistols in high-stress applications and rapid manipulations could use some improvement, and development has continued. The newest step on Ruger’s evolutionary scale, the 9mm SR9, is at your dealer right now.

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