New Springfield XDM .40 Handgun Review

Bold new breed for the 21st century, the Springfield XDM .40 pistol is a 17-shot polymer powerhouse!


One evening not long ago, I received a call from one of the nicest guys in the firearm industry, Lane Pearce of Pearce Grips. He was designing some of his famous grip extensions for the newest, as yet unannounced Springfield Armory pistol, an imported polymer duty weapon. Lane let me take a look at the gun and I became one of the first to be impressed by the new Springfield eXtreme Duty pistol, the XD! History shows what an astute move acquiring the XD line was for Springfield Armory.

xdm2.gifThe XD line from Springfield has garnered quite a few fans in the past few years, and why not? It is loaded with all the features today’s discriminating handgunners want. From two effective visual and tactile ways to check the pistol’s condition to the Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) Trigger System, an equipment rail, and the trim ergonomically designed grip system, the XD is a true modern workhorse. Of course, nothing in life is perfect, time always reveals there are tweaks, no matter how few or small, for a potentially improved product.

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  • james

    @scott, i think that the 16 rd mag is restricted for use in california, my xdm case has a little sticker on it that says that, i live in washington though, but when i saw that i thought it was kinda funny, it sucks that cali has such strict gun laws but i guess theres a reason for everything

    • shover

      there doin gun confiscation in ca

  • kimschreiner

    I am frankly sick of all the anti-Obama B.S. I see on these sites.The guys I worry about are those who that think that the millionaires and billionaires and multinational corporations want an armed citizenry in America. If you believe this,then your WWII dad is spinning in his grave.
    I don’t agree with some of what is going on in the present administration, but we still have the Constitution.How many more freedoms must the American people be divestided of before we wake up.
    On to the XDM. I have this weapon in 45 acp. I also have a Kimber Eclipse II in 45 ACP. They are vitually equal at 25 yds on the range as far as accuracy is concerned. 2.25 vs. 2.6 ” groups Kimber vs XDM. 7 shots Kimber vs 13 shots XDM.
    There it is.

  • Tony

    I’m a first time handgun owner/shooter. I put in my time reasearching handguns based on features and pricing. After numerous days of reasearching and comparison, I chose the Springfield XDM .40. I took my new XDM to my Dad’s house where we set up a 6″ wheel center cap with a 2″ center piece target. My Dad thought based on how far I was from the target, I wouldn’t even hit the center piece at all. My first attempt at shooting a target with a handgun, I hit my target, the 2″ center piece, slightly to the bottom right. We took a tape measure and marked off the distance to be approximatley 80 feet. My dad couldn’t believe how accurate this gun was, nor could I.

  • scott

    got my XDM in Texas I now live in california not sure of the legal issues except the mag capacity. best shooting .40 i ever shot pick up a kimber tactical pro a week ago sweet shooting peace. match grade is a wonderful and accurate barrel any help on california rules ?

  • Jeff56

    I wonder if “Fil” still thinks it was racism that made us all think the country would collapse under the watch of Obama. I wonder if he still thinks there will be no new gun laws. If he still thinks that he must have been living under a rock for the last two years.

  • I am a combat vet and self-defense trainer for 32 years, so I am an ‘old timer’ and hence I am ‘leery’ of striker fired , no external hammer pistols.

    I think Glocks are dangerous for most civlians (great for SWAT entry teams yes) but the average pistol owner who is often not properly trained on the striker fired mechanism and knows no better, I think they are a bit too dangerious.

    But with all that a student brough his XDM to my class and I fired off 9 rounds fast , at 35 feet and the group was under 2 inches. This speaks of a very well designed grip to barrel angle and extraordinary ergonomics for this gun.

    Sprinfield has made the system safer than a Glock as well. I can hardly believe it myself but I am going to get one as my daily carry gun which I sincerley hope I will never have to use in earnest.

  • T A Wisniewski

    I checked both my Glock 30, H&K Mark 23 and USP 45 against my Springfield XDm 45 and found the Glock and HK’s all have steel rear slide rails whereas the XDm has only plastic. I know of one Glock (a rental gun) that sheared off one of it’s rear rails and if that can happen to a steel part what would the longevity of a plastic rail be in comparison?

  • UNC

    i love my 3.8 xdm 40, the only thing i would change is the factory sights for an adjustable sight. trigger is an acceptable medium, not a hair trigger but not a S&W sigma either! Of course they waited till i bought my 3.8 xdm 40 to release the xdm 45, but i will probably get that too!!

  • carolina countrt boy

    Bought my xdm.40 been to the range twice,Out of the box I’m hitting bowling pins at 50 yards without a problem I’m extremely satisfied with my xdm. As far as conceal carry I own the 4.5 it conceals fine with a black hawk inside the waist holster

  • EM

    I’ve owned the XDM40 for a year now and have had trouble finding anything that feels, fits, and shoots like it.
    I can’t wait until the compact version is released!

  • richard

    I just bought a xdm .45. This is the first non 1911 I have ever owned. I have carried glocks and berretta’s as issued weapons. But I normally buy and carry 1911s. Last one being a polymere gold match kimber that I loved. Anyway, needed a new gun and picked up the XDM becuase I couldnt afford any 1911 I would want right now. The XDM was a great deal and I liked the look of the gun since it came out and well, Springfield is Springfield. I love this gun. I have not shot in two years and quite frankly I just banged out groups that would have rivaled any 1911 group I could have gotten after 2 years of not shooting. I really dont like the trigger, but here nor there the guns is consitent and shoots very well. I love it! Had to tell someone….. Way to go Springfield Armory. I am impressed

  • Randy

    To John – concealed carry question

    CrossBreed holsters makes a great IWB. I carry mine all the time. they also have a device for bedside holster

  • god bless america

    too much racism lets just quit being unpayriotic and discuss how great our guns are.

  • tc

    My dad recently bought an xdm 4.5 .40. Funnest gun i ever shot. Easy to clean easy, to shoot, all around good gun.

  • john

    anyone out there found a really good carry case for the XDm 40 3.8? Love this gun but can’t seem to find a whole lot on it as far as concealed carry. I have an inside the pants case right now with a single belt clip and it does the trick, but I was looking for something that held it closer to my body but had some kind of padding so it wouldn’t rub.

  • I’ve owned a Barretta .40 cal and a Glock in.357 sig for a couple of years now but if what I keep hearing about this XDM is true I might just get rid of both of them and go purchase it today. I’ve never had any trouble from my barretta or from my Glock except that the Glock doesn’t have a safety mechanism where it appears that the XDM has more than one and we all know safety is what it’s all about.

  • Lenzflare

    First of all, I want to say that I love my XD in .45! I added an Insight M3 tac light to it and bought some extra mags. Now I am ready for the zombies! Woooooo!

    But really, my buddy had a Glock and after checking out my pistol he is selling his Glock and getting and Springfield. If anyone here is really looking for a great sidearm, the XD line is it! And check out the new XD(M)! 19 round mags in 9mm!

  • brandon w

    i just picked up 2 xdm one in 9mm and one in 40s&w
    chose these over glocks aftert shootin a freands 9mm xd will probly never buy another brand hand gun as long as i live love the xdm lines

  • tnye

    The Springfield Armory XD-M 45 ACP pistol became available in my area (NE Tennessee) last week. I bought one yesterday and took it out to the range today. It was worth the wait and did not disappoint.

    The XD-45 has a match grade barrel, and the improved accuracy is noticeable. I can shoot better with it than I can my XD 9 mm (not an XD-M model). The grip is great right out of the box. I did not need to change the backstrap. I don’t know how Springfield Armory does it, but the grip for the 45 is not noticeably thicker than the XD-M 9 mm. I have a Glock 21SF that is like trying to hold a brick by comparison.

    The only downside to the XD-45 is it has an incredibly stiff slide spring. I had a little trouble getting the gun back together after cleaning it last night. My wife’s XD-M 9 mm also had a stiff spring, though, and it loosened up considerable after taking it to the range a few times. I would not let the stiff spring scare you away from the XD-M 45.

    The XD-45 package comes with all the same goodies that all the other XD-M models come with: a spare magazine, gun and spare mag holsters, mag loader, lock, and nice hard plastic case. Each magazine holds 13 rounds of 45 ACP ammo. I paid $669 for the two-tone stainless steel slide model. I absolutely love this gun. It was well worth the wait.

  • cov27

    Wow, some of you really are nieve. The government is slowly making laws, implementing laws that are slowly taking rights away from us. You really have to pay attention. Yes Obama has eluded to taking guns away, he himself made a direct comment one evening on the news about gangs and crime rates and its a shame all the violence with guns that go on in this country and that he was planning on raising taxes on ammo, all in the same sentence. Sounds like to me he is going to use the cost of ammo as a way to limit your guns and is using gangs and crime as the cover to trick the sheep of society into going along with it. I heard him say it live…… Also have any of you heard some of his most recent tv appearences, he now made a statement about taking fishing rights away…. yes fishing rights of all things away… Why would he want to do this????? Have any of you noticed some public roads and more being reported all the time that are being closed that lead up to the mountains, this is a fact…. Why is the happening????? Please quit being a sheep, really listen to what is said, and the actions that are actually being carried out…. Using gangs and crime as an excuse sounds good, but the result is still the same for us all, that is we all eventually wont be able to affford the ammunition therefore we all will have useless guns because of there lame excuse?? hmmmmmm Start thinking about things, quit being so trusting, start asking questions, dont just automatically believe all the surface stuff, there is always another agenda…. Please people we are going to be are own down fall because were like sheep, dumb, stupid, and just follow whats easy………

  • bootspur

    My Springfield Armory XD(m).40 caliber that I purchased new @ “Cheaper than Dirt,” in November’08 has only fired 50 rounds through it I just haven’t had the time to get to the range. The only problem I came across was the ultra-stiff mag release, are any of you experiencing this? Just apply gentle increasing pressure and see what happens. I have fired Beretta’s, Glock’s, & one HK and each have a smooth positive reliable release. Anybody else experience this? If so, what can be done?

  • justin

    i love montana tool me fifteen min to fill out the paperwork and get my all black xd-m .40. this gun is amazing. my favorite gun haaands down

  • Jack

    First i want to thank all the people who have the hands on experience with the XDM .40 pistol. I have been doing all the research i can on .40 guns in order to make the best decision i can on my first hand gun purchase. As far a i have found, like a number of others on here that this IS the way to go.
    Now on the politics side of the discussions, with the regard of ammo availability Cadien is pretty much spot on. The only thing i would add is in the fall of 2008 the NRA put out a “10 point plan of obama to restrict gun rights”. In this was the origin of the so called “ammo tax”. So if your as mad about the ammo price hike and lack of availability, thank the NRA. My source for this is the non-partisan in fact here is the link to the article-

  • Fat Back

    THat must be it Phil… everyone is racist. We cant think for ourselves and judge a man based on the content of his character. Funny that that is your fall back. “I can’t come up with anything intelligent to say, so I will call them a racist.” Man, I am glad you are alive. Please, for the love of all that is good, don’t breed (if you can figure it out).

  • Fil

    For the record, all you idiots out there worried about Obama and gun laws can relax. Don’t think gun issues are even on his to do list. If all you morons stopped acting like racist, which is really why you are stocking up on ammo and stuff, maybe the supply and demand would shift, and gun prices would go down.

  • looked at many semiauto’s nothing fits or feels better than the xdm 40, the problem is when will it new york compliant. how hard is it to make a 10rd

  • Von

    thanks Cadien for putting that obama crap to rest. this hand gun the xdm 40 is the best 40 cal on the market period. I have the bi-tone. love it.

  • Cadien

    If “Mutt failed to mention in the comment about the Supreme Court Ruling barely passing at 5-4, That this was not a State, but the District of Columbia. DC has had a ban on personal posession of handguns since I think 75. The last case was DC vs Heller. They ruled that even in DC, people had the right to own handguns and overturned the rule that long guns needed to be kept unloaded and locked. If anything this is a case of the court being more lenient on handguns than ever and affirming our right to bear arms. HOW IS THIS A BAD THING MUTT? The court was NOT ruling on wether or not the Citizens of the States have the right to bear arms. Furthermore, they more clearly defined that a citizen need not be a member of a “Militia” to carry a handgun.
    As to the “Ammunition accountability act” This in no way is a play to “Take away our ammo”. Only a way to help our Officers do their job better and more efficiently. If you are using your weapon in a manner pursuent to self defense then you have only to gain from this act. The 1/2 cent increase is not the cause of the spike in ammo prices. It is the paranoia of everyone buying up all the ammo on the shelves. Supply and demand folks. Demand goes up, so do the prices. We did it to ourselves. Just ask the munitions companies, they have no problems making, transporting and selling ammo. They just can’t keep up with demand. This is from thier mouths.
    Obama can’t and will not “Take away your right to defend yourself with a handgun” period. HE hasn’t even tried or alluded to this.
    Quit all your paranoid whining and go spend the same time on the range.

  • Kevin

    Hmm…I don’t think the gov’t will try to outlaw or take away our guns, they’ll just make getting ammo next to impossible and expensive as heck. That’ll limit the number of (usable) guns all by itself.

  • Shadow Warrior

    Teach both Concealed and Security Firearms License Courses, use the XDM with both the standard .40 cal barrel and a drop-in Storm Lake 9mm. Both barrels fire to POA and I am pleased to say that the XDM is the only ’40’ in my inventory now. I still use my EMP for my personal daily carry and my full size 1911s for any serious contact expected situations. But I do love that XDM.

  • New gun owner

    i am in the process of buying my first handgun and this is the one. I am excited and can’t wait for it to get to me.

  • boo hoo

    No wonder california owes so much money to everybody, they spend it on so much bllsht .
    we all have the right to bare arms .
    that includes california .
    and they r trying to make there own law saying you cant basicaly.
    good luck california on spending more money on legal fees trying 2 fight the 2nd amendment.

  • Lee

    Jane Blaize???? i hope you still have that much faith in this goof ball YOU call president. look up the “Ammunition Accountability Act” and HR 45.
    -If there is lead in there air, there is still hope-

  • harold


  • David Padgett

    Best 40 cal.on the market

  • Billy-Bob

    After hours of doing research for the best .40 cal pistol I could find all paths lead to the Springfield XDM. I picked my first one up today at a local gun show. I highly recommend this gun.

  • Can you believe it? 3 awesome guns all in one! What do I mean? I just ordered my second conversion Match grade barrel for the XDM, and now have a .40SW, .357sig, and 9mm all in one custom fit handgun! You have to order the .40SW as your original XDm caliber – and downfit the other two barrels (only way it can be done). You
    save big time by not having to buy more than one
    handgun, and you tune to one comfortable fit !!
    Sorry – – the California deprived XDm sig-man !!

  • Mutt

    “I’d also like to see the article that actually quotes that this is something that he said and one that he wanted to make a prerequisite to getting a gun. Not to say that this can be done as so many paranoid people think (it’s a wonder anyone passed the 12th grade seeing as though they haven’t recognize that NO ONE can take away our 2nd Amendment rights) but it’s interesting that this causes enough paranoia that people start making things up.”

    You might take a look ay the last Supreme Court decision that just barely upheld that with a 5 to 4 vote…

  • Jaine Blaize

    Chad? The President CANNOT outlaw guns. Our Bill of Rights cannot and will not allow it and cannot be tossed out. Even if he wanted to (which he never said that he did) OPres. Obama doesn’t have enough power to outlaw anything. Even if he tried, the people of this country would not put up with that BS!
    This idea that he’s “taking guns away” is paranoia that has been spun by a bunch of sore losers that are just mad that they didn’t win the White House and didn’t have a chance to drive us further into the ground economically while THEIR pockets filled to the brim. They feel that if they can keep everyone in fear of not being able to protect themselves, they’ll turn against the current administration and sink us further into the ground.

    Luckily it’s not working.

    So I say all of this to say “Enjoy your XDM dude!!!” It’s a smooth shot with very little recoil, the trigger timing is AWESOME and if you get the 9mm then you get 2 clips that hold 19 rounds! You canNOT beat it! You do not have to rush and forfeit groceries or whatever for fear that we’ll all be running around with slingshots instead of guns. We’re going to be ok…..Seriously.~ JB

  • Jaine Blaize

    John – interestingly enough, not EVERY shooting is done in “the ghetto” as you so ignorantly announced. In fact, there’s more people outside of the ghetto and in your trailer parks that are killing each other off too….

    I’d also like to see the article that actually quotes that this is something that he said and one that he wanted to make a prerequisite to getting a gun. Not to say that this can be done as so many paranoid people think (it’s a wonder anyone passed the 12th grade seeing as though they haven’t recognize that NO ONE can take away our 2nd Amendment rights) but it’s interesting that this causes enough paranoia that people start making things up. But anyway, I’m definitely interested in finding out your source for this foolishness.
    Please note: The article cannot come from one of those loony racist rags. I’m talking a legitimate source.

    Thank you.


  • Zedd


    Just bought the XDM .40 but I didnt hear anything about free mags or holders from Springfield was that a local promo

  • XDfiend

    Anyone heard what Cal is next for the XDm? 10mm is seeing a comeback. Would be a big win for SA

  • John

    I am attending a police academy. They require that we use basketweave duty gear with silver snaps. Ok I found a holster for my xdm-40 but I cannot locate a double mag pouch. Everything I find is for the xd not the xdm. Anybody have any info on this? Oh yeagh and here is my Obama complaint, if you dont take hunter safety course than maybe you shouldnt be able to buy guns. How many peeople do you know that robb 7-11 or other markets in the ghetto that would even know what hunters safety is? Just food for thought.

  • pasayan73

    to cowboy 60. did you get the light or laser you’re looking for your xdm 40? i’m looking at the sig sauer light/laser, glock tactical light/laser, and surefire.

  • Cowboy 60

    I bought my XDm .40 in January and have been to the range twice with it. Put 100 rounds through it each time and not one problem! This is one sweet sidearm. I’m hoping to find a light or laser for it this weekend. This gun is a joy and I’m glad I picked it over some of the others I was considering (Glock 22, Browning Hi Power) because dollar for dollar this was one great deal at $600 + tax. I’m still waiting on the two free magazines and mag holder from Springfield to add to the two mags, belt clip, holster, and case that came with the weapon. You won’t go wrong with this gun – no buyers remorse and your shooting enthusiast friends will want to take a turn at the range!

  • I just bought mine and love it. Everybody should buy one before Obama outlaws them.
    Glenford, Ohio

  • XDM .40 Hot Rounds

    Just got m, its like shooting a 9mm. Barely any recoil making it easier to fire off multiple rounds and stay on target. Breaks down so nice and smooth. Definetly way better than any GLOCKy!!!! California peeps, must sux to be you. This fun is a must. gun 2 days ago. Bought the bi yone S.S and black. Shoots so smooth

  • udt

    Just got mine few days ago. I feel bad for the people that lives in California. I don’t think it will never be added to the approved list for California as long as the stupid governor Arnold and his gun laws still there. Your friend from the state of Maryland and proud of it!

  • Rocker

    I got the guys at the store to come in early on the 20th so I can buy one during the inauguration. That way, I’ll always ‘remember where I was’ and ‘what I was doing’.

    I really hope they come out with a 357 barrel for it, and soon.

  • jimmy

    just got mine a couple of days ago the fit in my hand is very comfortable and a good balance.rubber grips would be nice..very accurate pistol

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  • Match grade barrel. Improved sights and trigger. Palm swell sizing inserts. Higher mag capacity. Improved grip ‘grippiness’.

    Nice. Just got one today at Cabella’s in Omaha!

    No, can’t conceal it (easily) but I bought it before Obama and his minions in the senate say we can’t “no mow”.

  • ralph

    that is the stupidest damn thing i have ever heard.
    Let’s give this entire state back to mexico and appologize for how badly we screwed it up.
    Who’s with me on this?

  • corey

    This weapon will not be added to the CA list. Springfield issues each model of firearm a unique serial number rather than utilizing the same base number and change the suffix for differnt calibers, colors etc. ie XXXXXX.40MB or .OD9 or whatever. Becasue of this each new weapon must pass the drop test in CA. The original XDs are in and will be as long as Springfield continues to pay there dues to the state. The new XD-M however is and will not be on the list due to the lack of the now CA required 2″ round indicator. I have only seen one weapon that has this stupid thing. Anyway, if you have a buddy in law enforcement it is possible for them to order this weapon in CA and then do a private party transfer. that is the only way that we californians can get our happy hands on this one.

  • reload and keep bustin

    because if a .357 came out i mite just have to move out of california i don’t think i could take it anymore.

  • eload and keep bustin

    Gun Mane i can get all those guns to. only difference it wouldn’t be legal. but i can get them. i wish that xdm would caome to cali legally cuz damn it’s a sexy gun. are they comin out with it in .357?

  • gun mane

    California, ha what a joke, I feel sorry for you guys that live there, to many damn gun laws. Its nonsense and a waist of taxpayer money, I can go buy a .50 BMG or a full auto browning .50 machine gun, i can even get a uzi or mac-10 .45 with a silencer if i wanted to. Sucks to be you all, and um dont count on the XD/XDM being in cali, to much politics. Your friend, State of Virginia

  • i kinda like the old .40 cal xd pistol better.

  • anthony

    i agree with bullet boy i wanna know if it will ever be on the cali list!

  • Jahon

    This model is not on the approved list for California. Does anybody know when it will be added or if it will be added at all?

  • The new grip style was a selling point for me. Mine came with three grip choices. The grip that came installed on my XDM, the medium sized, is the perfect fit for me. I would like to see some of the other grips that are sure to come out. I hope they come out with a rubber smooth type as I think it will be an even better for me. I like the soft rubber type that come on many Houge grips.

    I did a review of the XDM on my blog. I am happy with the out-of-box performance. Next upgrade is the guide rod to increase the front weight and lessen recoil.

  • Ivan

    Very futuristic, can’t wait to see in .45 acp

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