Nighthawk Lady Hawk 9mm 1911 Handgun Review

The Nighthawk Lady Hawk 9mm handgun is a compact, easy to shoot 1911 that delivers a performance plus!


For the crew at Nighthawk Custom, the Lady Hawk concept came about when they began to receive requests for 1911 pistols with the grip-frame circumference slimmed down as much as possible. The thought occurred to them that they might just make a 1911 specifically for women, maybe a Commander-sized pistol in 9mm with slim stocks and a fancy two-tone finish. The Lady Hawk was born.

nighthawk-lady-hawk2.gifAt the 2008 SHOT Show, however, the Lady Hawk’s future took a surprising turn. Most of the men who examined the pistol liked it, too. They ordered quite a few of them and over 90% of the orders requested that the Lady Hawk logo not be included. So let me see if I’ve got this right: Nighthawk Custom has designed a pistol for the ladies that men want to buy too? And, instead of just being a niche item, the pistol is selling extremely well? My guess would be that no one at Nighthawk Custom is the least bit unhappy that things didn’t turn out exactly like they thought they would.

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  • frankgon4

    I don’t think this gun is worth $3000
    Not evey $1500.

  • Ariel Caballero

    Yes,I would like to place an order of your Nighthawk 9mm but without the Lady Hawk on it. My name is Ariel Caballero a retired Military from the U S Navy. I’m currently working at the Combined Bachelor Housing Navy Gateway Inn’s & Suites at the naval Base San Diego. Also, I understand that you give military Discounts for retired military men and thanks for that consideration. My e-mail address is: and you can reach me at 619 778-2073.

    Ariel Caballero
    Complex Manager