NightHawk Vickers Tactical .45ACP

The 1911-format pistol is more popular for service use now…


The 1911-format pistol is more popular for service use now than it was when I was starting out. While the Colt pistol was always around somewhere, it wasn’t in that many holsters around my part of the country, likely not in any part of the country. Ill-founded concern about cocked and locked carry, some justifiable concern about reliability, especially when using magazines of uncertain vintage, and the high cost of customization prevented use of a great gun and cartridge.

nighthawk2.jpgAs I aged, I became a member of a police department where the Great Leader decided we needed to move from our .357 wheelguns to .45ACPs. The only problem was that he didn’t consider the 1911 platform to be appropriate for all of us.

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