Imagine something brighter than tritium and cheaper than dirt; Nitesiters…

Imagine something brighter than tritium and cheaper than dirt; Nitesiters should come to mind. They’re small dots of super photo-luminescent material on an industrial-strength adhesive backing that, when applied to existing sights can make a handgun more effective in lowlight situations. Can be charged with an LED or UV flashlight to glow all night long. Application kit includes everythingthe gun owner needs. For more info, contact: Nitesiters, PO Box 1981,Dept CH, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340; 602-327-0152;

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  • ordered nitesiters but received a package marked “daysiters”. Their website says the “daysiters” do not glow, and their is no easy way to contact them or to return the product and I already paid by money order. The idea is good but you take your chances dealing with them. Does Brownells or any other reputable firm carry this product. If not maybe there is a reason why. It is a shame I really wanted to test this product since real tritrium sights aren’t available yet for the new Taraus P40.

  • Xander Bolanos

    paid for a set of nite sighter 3 weeks ago still nothing. I contacted all the links on the website and even contacted ccnow before going to paypal. looks like a good product too bad I’ll never know as I will never deal with a company that doesn’t respond to its customers

  • John Garcia

    I can only echo Gary Snyder’s comment. Been over two weeks, and no sign of the order paid for via CCNow, and no responses to my email to website. I am in the process of seeking return of my payment.

  • Terry Lumpkin

    I have installed nitesiters on 6 different semi-auto handguns (Hassle-Free). Sold 2 of the guns and was able to get $100 more for each gun due to having these sights on them! All I can say is money well spent. They perform exactly as advertised. Anyone that gripes about these sights can not be pleased in the first place! Buy them…you will not be disapointed! I am ordering another set for a few more pistols that I own. Great product that I highly recommend!!! I agree about the donuts…the would sell. Thanks again for a great product.

  • RE: Gary Snyder

    My apologies. We had some logistical issues being a military family stationed overseas. We’ve since relocated back to the States and all is running well. Please contact me if you have any issues, comments or concerns.

    Thank you,
    Dave Presley

  • Gary Snyder

    Not sure what is going on with Nitesiters. I placed (and paid) for an order of three items and never received any of the products ordered. Additionally, my e-mails and telephone call messages never received a response either. I’ve had to contact PayPal and file a claim with them to receive my money back or get the products shipped from the seller. PayPal has to first attempt to contact the seller and get his response before returning the funds. I’m still awaiting a respose of some sort on this deal. In any regard, I would suggest if you are planning on purchasing from this company, attempt to contact them first and find out if they are still in business.

  • Keith

    I bought a package of these and used them on my Glock 22 and my Kel-Tec PF9. I had a problem with them on the glock because the holes in the sights were a little too small for the dots to fit in. I could have hand reamed them with a drill bit by carefully twisting the bit with my fingers but planed on selling the gun and just didn’t bother. They worked great on the Kel-Tec. I have a Taurus PT1911 with tritium Heine “straight eight” sights on it and these things blow the Tritium away in ALL light conditions. The Heine’s are too small in my opinion even for broad daylight and, even though the Tritium doesn’t have to be “recharged”, they aren’t nearly as bright. Besides, it doesn’t take long to charge the nitesiters and they stay very visible all night. The only possible drawback would be that if you were in an actual low lght tactical situation, they glow bright enough to possibly give away your position. seriously, you can see them very easily from across the room and even read well contrasted text held close to them. I just bought a Sig P238 and, as luck would have it, the standard white painted 3-dot sight holes are exactly 1/16″ so I ordered another strip of the nitesiters. They should fit very snug in the recesses.

  • John Burgmeier

    Product idea: How about Nightsiters “donuts”. Ie. Nightsiters that are hollow in the middle, like a donut or the letter O. These would be used to place over/ around an existing tritium sight that lacks a white dot (like Springfield Armory) or has a white dot that’s inadequate. I think you’d sell a ton of ’em. I fact, I think I’d stick ’em over ALL of my tritium sighted pistols because your “donuts” would be even easier to see, especially for us older guys, than standard dots. I put one of your lagre dots over the front sight of my new Glock 36. First thing I noticed was that the front sight visibility was tremendously increased under ALL light conditions. In fact, in my opinion, the greatest advantage of Nightsiters, which doesn’t get enough play, is that your product provides a huge improvement in the DAYTIME visibility of the sights! Good luck with your product. Please let me know if you make the donuts so I can buy some.

  • phil spencer

    Just fitted to a pistol, and after sitting in the daylight for some time were only visible for several minutes. Needless to say, not impressed.

  • dave ferguson

    just put nitesiters on my ruger markIII tapered barrel .22, wow i can see clearluy now.popped a can from 50 yds on first off hand shot. not bad for a guy who couldn,t see the front sight before installing nitesirers or spewll

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