Pair of S&W 1911PD .45ACP 1911 Handguns Review

This Pair of S&W 1911PD .45ACP pistols feature a super lightweight Scandium frame—it’s the 1911 carry solution!

Half a pound—it doesn’t sound like a lot of weight, unless you’re not wearing it. That’s right, I said not wearing it. I’m not talking about the latest diet fad, I’m talking about Smith & Wesson’s new Scandium framed 1911s. While the 1911 pistol design is approaching the century mark, it is still a very viable pistol and extremely popular with those who willingly go in harm’s way.

Photos by Alex LandeenIn an age of polymer pistol proliferation the steel-framed 1911 seems unusually heavy. Carrying one of these guns all day is likely to cause a certain amount of list to the gun side. For older guys like me, the burden of wearing one of these “iron tumors” can have a domino effect with a host of physical problems, from the hip to the back to the knees, etc.

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  • John

    My father owns one of the commander sizes, and it is an absoultely amazing design. Lightweight small and able to hold 8 rounds in the mag (most 1911s hold 7). I plan on buying the one in 5” configuration with the tactical rails and black grips.

  • Rodney

    I own the commander size 1911PD, for the money and reliability can’t beat this shooter. Now, don’t get me wrong I won’t be giving up my LesBaer ProwlerIII but its nice to have a lighter option.

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