Para LTC .45ACP Pistol Review

Born from a state-of-the-art factory, the Para LTC .45ACP handgun was bred to be a sureshot!

Para-Ordnance rocked the shooting community when they introduced a .45ACP pistol in 1990 that had twice the capacity of the standard 1911 pistol. The late Ted Szabo, Para’s design genius, was able to create a gun that used the familiar 1911 operating system but also used his double-stack, hi-capacity magazine. Then in 2001, Szabo released his innovative LDA gun that featured a light-double-action trigger so that the gun didn’t need to be carried cocked and locked.

Photos by Alex LandeenPara, best known for their hi-cap and LDA guns, now offers a pistol that is closer to the original 1911 design that’s perfect for concealed carry. Using a single stack frame with a capacity of just 7+1, the pistol also features the traditional single-action trigger. That’s not to say that Para has taken a step back. Even though this pistol is a single-action, single-stack 1911, it still features plenty of Szabo’s influence. Built at Para’s state of the art facility, Para’s LTC is far from old technology.

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