Para Nite-Tac .45ACP 1911 Pistol Review

Dominate the dark with the Para Nite-Tac .45ACP handgun, a sureshootin’ 15-shot 1911!

In this world, there are followers and there are leaders. Para USA clearly falls into the latter category. Under the leadership of the late Ted Szabo, Para has been a driving force in the evolution of the 1911 pistol.

para22.jpgTwo decades ago, Para became the first firm to offer a high-capacity 1911. With magazine capacity rivaling that of a hi-cap 9mm, offering almost twice the payload of a standard 1911, the concept was quickly copied by competitors. Another Para innovation was the Power Extractor (PXT). Next to defective magazines, extractor failure is the next leading cause of 1911 stoppages. The Power Extractor claw is 50 percent larger than the standard 1911 extractor and gets a much bigger bite on the fired case, which pretty much eliminates the possibility of a double feed.

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  • Roy

    I have a para ssp prx745S nite tac is what’s on box the slide has ssp one side para 1911 on other has ambidextrous safety fiber optic sights and rail also medialion on grips haven’t seen one like it anywhere it’s stainless to any one else know what model and what features it has

  • reconfrog

    try e-mailing them i will have a tan nite tac by late oct directly from para

  • No I recently was asked about a group buy for a tan night tac. It must be carried, though the para website doesn’t list it.

  • john prass

    I cannot find the tan nite tac on Para’s web site. Has it been discontinued?