Para-Ordnance S14 Limited .45ACP

The market for a full-sized, all-steel, high-capacity 1911 appeals to…

The market for a full-sized, all-steel, high-capacity 1911 appeals to a select group of aficionados. Para-Ordnance’s S14 represents that pistol. I count myself among those for whom the Hi-Cap holds an allure, and have in fact, owned and carried one of Para’s P14s for a number of years. What could possibly be superior to 8 rounds of fight-stopping .45ACP? Fifteen rounds, obviously.

para21.jpgThis pistol has evolved in a number of ways since I purchased my Limited pistol in 2001, not the least of which are the obvious outward cosmetic changes. The pistol’s new look is part of what drew my interest in reviewing one of the new models.

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  • soy propietario de una 14-45acp super hawg y le adquiry desde nueva y en verdad el arma es una maravilla en todos sus aspectos, su precicion es perfecta, mas todo depende de la calidad del proyectil que se use,su rapidez es muy linda, no puedo tener la mas minima queja hasta el momento,gracias para ordenance, estan cerca de lograr la pistola perfecta, piensen solo es combinar disenos y solo algunas modificaciones ingenieras. gracias juan

  • chad forest

    from;philippine, sano po ba ang maganda at pinaka mahusay magaling na paraord n 45cal.

  • geoffrey l. cotter firearms

    Please give me an update on the replacement GI 8rd. magazine that you were sending me. Thank you,Geoffrey l. cotter 702-561-8569. 426 artemus court,Henderson nv. 89074

  • I have owned a P-14 Limited for several years and have never had any type of problem with it. It is extremely accurate and fun to shoot. It has never jammed or misfired and I am not an expert. Hold it tight, clean it and oil it. The only problem I have with Para’s at all, is their price. If they were less expensive, I’d own a few more.

  • Dave Bedell

    I have to say this for Para, they’re fast. My pistol was returned to me just 10 days after it was shipped to the factory by the dealer. I haven’t been to the range; but I fired it a few times in the “back forty” and all systems were go.

  • Dave Bedell

    After watching Todd Jarret’s DVD that came with a friend’s pistol, I decided I had to have one and decided on the PXT LDA PDA in th 9mm.

    I took it to the range and EVERY time I fired it, the extractor held onto the casing to the point that a friend had to stand there and poke it out while I held it open. Under those circumstances, it was difficult at best to fire many rounds. Another problem it had is that the slide failed to stay open after the last round was fired.

    I took it back to Guns Galore in Fenton, MI and they would do nothing but return the gun to Para for me. They said I should fire at least 200 rounds (no small task under the circumstances) so I took it home and cleaned and oiled it. When I racked the gun after cleaning, the slide stop fell off as the pin broke off where it joined the slide stop. It was obviously crystallized and nothing was holding it together but the finish.

    I couldn’t fire it so there was no choice then but the let the store return it to Para. They said to plan on waiting “about a month”.

    In addition, there was a small chip in the leading edge of the barrel. Not a big deal, I suppose, but it doesn’t say much for quality or for final inspection.

    I e-mailed Para; but all I got back was a form letter which indicated they hadn’t even read my letter. Neither the store or Para has ever said, “sorry”.

    I though I was buying a quality pistol. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am.

  • A few months back, I tried to speak with Para on their line of guns, but the young women who answered the phone was less then helpful. I ended up going with a Kember and I’m very satisified.

    Thanks young lady!

  • Mr. Middeler’s experience is the same as ours.

    Here is what the Para USA Customer Service Center has found as the three things you can do to eliminate functioning problems. 99 times out of 100 it will save you the expense and time of having to ship your pistol into them.

    1. Follow the Break-in period – if you hate to read manuals Para has done its best to provide a manual that is easy and fun to read.

    The information on the break-in period is very detailed on what you need to do to provide a lifetime service from you new Para pistol.

    Para pistols are built and hand assembled to exacting tolerances and they have a break-in period unlike mass produced pistols with sloppy tolerances.

    To get the accuracy you need to win at matches from the club level to national and world championships, you need a precision pistol like the Para S14-45 Limited.

    There is also important safety information in every Para Safety and Instruction Manual that can save your life and the lives of others.

    The detailed procedure for the break-in period as well as shooting tips from World Class Shooter Todd Jarrett is provided in the manual are illustrated with full four-color photographs.

    2. Proper lubrication – While you do not need drench the pistol in oil, obviously you need some lubrication on the rails and the outside of the barrel for the pistol to run.

    The service center has seen pistols come back bone dry and dirty. It is obvious that under such circumstances an autoloading pistol with tight tolerances will malfunction.

    Under Para’s Lifetime Service Policy, the service center will clean and lubricate your pistol but you have to pay the cost of shipping it in. We only pay the cost of returning it to you.

    Again, the Safety and Instruction Manual shows you the three points you need oil.

    3. Limp Wristing – This is the most misunderstood part of shooting any auto-loading pistol. Remember high school science and the part in physics about exerting force on a mass?

    If you are shooting an auto-loading rifle the mass of the stock helps make the action work.

    With an auto-loading pistol you as the holder of the pistol need to provide the mass for making the pistol’s action function.

    A lot of people simply don’t grip the pistol hard enough to give the pistol the mass it needs for the action to function properly.

    Here’s another plug for reading the Safety and Instruction Manual that comes with every new Para pistol. In the easy to read booklet, Todd Jarrett shows you how to hold the pistol like a champion.

    Be sure to look at the pictures in Safety and Instruction Manual when you get your new Para pistol. A picture is worth a 1000 words.

    If you own a Para pistol and do not have a copy of the Safety and Instruction Manual and you are reading this online, then go to and click at the top of the page “Service Center.”

    From the left-hand menu click on “Owners Manuals” and download the Para Safety and Instruction Manual for your pistol.

    If you want a hard copy of the Para Safety and Instruction Manual write a quick note to Para USA, Inc., 1919 N.E. 45th Street, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308-5136 and we will send you one FREE. Be sure to tell us which model Para pistol you have so we can send you the correct manual.

  • Tom Middeler

    My experience with this handgun has been great. The other writer may be limp wristing which will cause jams everytime. You also must read the manual thoroughly. It tells that it takes up to 500 rounds to break in the pistol because it is very tight, as I would expect out of a precision instrument. I had on or two jams on feeding when I was charging the handgun but that was when I first started and was my fault for not letting the slide return by letting go completely. I have now got it broken in and it is running flawlessly. I’ve jumped up 8 spaces in my local club competition because this handgun is the best tool I’ve used. The fiber optic sight accompanied with the large black adjustable rear sight is absolutely the best I’ve used. I was solely a Sig man before using my Para S14-45 Limited and it’s now jusmped to the top of my favorite list.
    For those who are having problems make sure yu have a good firm grip and make sure you get the pistol broke in as in the owner’s manual…it’s very important!!!! If you still don’t like it email me I will buy it from you.

  • mark duran

    I bought this gun(para14-45limited) based a good deal on your review. I had to special order, so after two weeks when I got it, second shot feed jam. After ten jams in three clips I called para who didnt act surprised or that this was a big deal after several calls i convinced them to reimburse me for shipping, 80 dollars that I am still waiting for. Igot my gun back about two weeks later and went straight to the range. during firing it shot without incident, but when chambering the first round it still tends to jam this happens when i put a clip in and pull the slide back by hand or if I lock the slide back insert clip and then release it.

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