Para USA Carry 9

The Para Carry wasn’t the first pistol from Para USA…

The Para Carry wasn’t the first pistol from Para USA that I’d tested with their “Light Double Action” trigger system, but it was definitely the smallest. A .45ACP fabricated entirely of stainless steel, this little pistol sported a barrel just 3 inches in length, riding atop one of the shortest frames I’d ever seen on a factory-produced pistol. With its frame measuring some 0.25 of an inch shorter than a Colt Officer’s Model, the Para Carry held some six rounds in its magazine, making it a seven-shooter with one up the spout.

para.jpgHaving previously tested several other LDA-equipped pistols from Para USA, I was already a fan of this innovative trigger system and found it, when combined with the diminutive size of the “Carry,” a nifty package to pack. So nifty, in fact, that I bought that .45ACP. I just knew, however, that it would only be a matter of time before a lightweight version of the “Carry” would be offered.

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