With custom looks and remarkable accuracy at a reasonable price,…

With custom looks and remarkable accuracy at a reasonable price, the compact and lightweight Para GI LTC brings comfort to all-day carry on a variety of levels.

As we gun owners embrace the century mark of the 1911 pistol’s birth, we will no doubt continue to be inundated even more than we already have been with literature and articles espousing the staying power of this handgun design—not to mention the various modifications that have been made to it over the last 100 years. Far be it from me to add to this cacophony or create even more fodder for the few haters of the 1911 out there, but I feel it is my duty to let the readers know about one more particular variation that grabbed and held my attention.

According to research done by Para USA, customers were looking for the company to offer a Commander-sized version of their popular GI Expert 1911 pistol. Research further indicated that these buyers wanted the pistol to be a lightweight carry gun with custom offerings such as beavertail grip safety, competition trigger and fiber optic sights—most of all they wanted this gun at a reasonable price.

The lightweight skeletonized competition-style trigger adds to the appeal of the GI LTC.

Now I readily admit to being a pessimist—any time I smell flowers I look around for a funeral procession. I carry this same “wait and see” attitude any time I hear about the latest, greatest offering of anything new in the handgun world. However, when I received the Para GI LTC, I felt any instinctive pessimism immediately start to dissolve.

The Para USA GI LTC features a custom fit beavertail grip safety, expertly fitted commander hammer and an extended manual safety.

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  • Randy

    Nice gun,don’t like beavertail grip safety and front sight. Can you put the same one’s on it like the 5″ GI has? If you can i would love to own one.
    I have the 5″ GI and love it.

  • Steve T.

    Used to carry a all steel 45, until I purchased this one. It is so lighter that I can carry all day and be happy!

  • George Brooks

    I own a Para GI Expert 45 cal. Would not take a fat woman for it. Love every thing about it. Only ran about 100 rounds so far, trying to break it in right. Would like more info on this weapon.

  • Mr.Pimms

    How are Para’s 1911 pistols as a whole. Anybody hear and bad things about them?