Para USA Super Hawg .45ACP

The 1911 showed up in a number of different forms…


The 1911 showed up in a number of different forms across the decades. At first, customization was light. Almost simultaneously, a move to make the service pistol quicker into action was matched by a drive to make it a tack-driver.

para2.gifThe people who attended the National Matches liked precision and took the 1911 to previously unheard-of levels of accuracy. Some badge-toters and business types who had to carry the company’s daily take to banks tried to modify the 1911 for speed.

I’ve seen 1911 pistols with the front of the triggerguard cut away to give quick access to the trigger. It’s a bad idea in any event. This makes a serviceable pistol unusable. A good welder of the current era can probably salvage the frame, but the cost would likely be prohibitive.

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  • CJ Boback

    To: Rich Grassel

    Re: Super Hawg

    Enjoyed your review of the Para Super Hawg. I found it very informative. How does the performance of the Para pistol match up with Springfield’s Long Slide. I’m interested in both items. Your input may lean my choice from one to the other.