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Maximizing the effectiveness of this popular method of deep-cover concealment with pocket holsters!

Options in pocket holsters include (starting clockwise from bottom) Uncle Mike’s Inside-the-Pocket, DeSantis Nemesis, Galco Pocket Protector and DeSantis Pocket-Tuk combo IWB/pocket holster.

It seems like such a great solution; drop your carry gun into a pocket and venture out. What could be simpler? Pocket carry is a good way to conceal a handgun, but like many things it comes with advantages and disadvantages. So, before using pocket carry, take time to think through what is and isn’t for you.

In my opinion (and my opinion alone) I think pocket carry works best for exterior garments, especially in cold weather. Many believe cold weather is the time for large handguns, as heavier garments make carrying such weapons easier; but does it make them more accessible? If the weather is bitterly cold and the wind and snow are blowing, is your coat open in the front for quicker access? If not, maybe a gun in the coat pocket would be more accessible. Something to think about.

The Galco pocket rig easily conceals the Ruger LCP in a jeans pocket. With any pocket pistol/holster combo, it’s imperative to practice.

However, maintaining complete control of the weapon is paramount, as it will be concealed in any piece of exterior clothing you might remove.

Pocket Carry Holsters
Tuff Products Pocket Roo can be had plain (left) or with a pouch for a spare mag or Quickstrip (right).

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  • Jim Mullin

    PS the simple,inexpensive holster made by Glock makes a Glock full sized pistol disapper under a baggy long tee shirt.I have carried the Glock 21 45acp under a tee shirt in this holster,no one noticed.I even asked them to look to see if they see anything.Don’t worry it was a gunstore and they know me.

  • Jim Mullin

    You pull out your Ruger LCP.The three guys approaching you to rob you each have a Glock22.I know,i know,some gun salesman who was never in a gunfight, told you that if you get into trouble. it wouldn’t be against multiple opponents,carrying Glocks at 25 yards. It would be within seven yards,it would be one assailant,he’d only have a knife and he’d give you plenty of warning.Don’t listen to gun salesmen.Carry a 9mm,357 sig,38 super,40,10mm or 45.If you’re serious carry a Glock 20.The only reason to carry a little 380 is because you can’t carry a gun where you are.7 yards or less? Dont count on it.

  • I have carried off duty in a front pocket holster for over fifteen years. I started with a Seecamp, moved up to a .380 Kel tec, Taurus TCP, and seldom a Kahr PM40. I’ve never had a problem; summer in shorts or Ohio winter garb. It’s quick and accessable. And as Clint says ‘The gun that’s with you is better than the one that’s home in the safe!’.

  • Mack

    I have a rotatory cuff injury that makes it difficult and slow even to tuck in a shirt. Thus the old claim that every one can carry concealed IWB or on the belt just behind the hip flatly does not work for me. I can however carry as surprisingly large pistol (P11)in my pocket. When standing it is fast, and the weapon is secure. For those of us over 50 who were ardent weight lifters the pocket holster has much to recommend it.

  • RG

    No love for the Sig P238?