PTR-91 PDW 7.62x51mm

The PTR-91 pistol is a precision roller-locked autopistol packing serious…

The PTR-91 pistol is a precision roller-locked autopistol packing serious firepower with a magazine full of 7.62 NATO rounds.

I hear a frequent comment from instructors that a combat handgun’s primary function is to allow you the ability to fight your way back to your rifle. If the rifle malfunctions, swap to the handgun until you are out of danger and can clear the weapon. If you’re out of ammunition for your rifle, swap to the handgun until you can safely reload. The examples go on, so you get the idea. I’m not quite sure that weapons instructors would have the same attitude toward PTR Industries’ most recent pistol.

Based on the PTR-91 rifle, this weapon is basically a short-barreled 7.62mm NATO rifle without a buttstock. When you slap the bolt handle on this weapon, you have some serious firepower at the ready.

Over the past two decades, military and law enforcement personnel have learned that more firepower is typically an advantage in a rifle fight. Special Operations forces in Mogadishu, Somalia, found that the 5.56 NATO round wasn’t enough to drop a drug-crazed combatant in his tracks, but they weren’t the first.


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  • HollowPoint

    I have one of these puppies and it is SWEET. Recoil is very manageable and the weapon is well balanced. I added the LaRue Tactical HandStop and IndexClip Combo and a MagPul MS3 sling. It fits nicely into a stealth type backpack and blends right in with my fishing gear, when I’m out on the water. There’s no 911 when your 20+ miles off shore.

  • Nuno Alves

    this is very close from a copy of a HK G3, but in smaller version

  • E.J.

    are you sure thats a pistol? that sucker looks like a SMG. The H&K MP7 looks more like a pistol than this gun. Nut it does look nice.

  • Wayne

    That’ll give an AK some competition.