Red Creek Custom Glock 35 | Combat Pistol Review

Custom work by Red Creek Tactical makes this versatile Glock…

Custom work by Red Creek Tactical makes this versatile Glock 35 incredibly accurate while remaining perfectly suited for duty or defensive use. The use of a KKM barrel made this pistol “laser” accurate!

As the opportunity to attend the Glock 25th anniversary 250 pistol class at Gunsite neared, it was time to slect a pistol. Having always wanted to put together a Glock 35 for regular use in tactical classes, this was the perfect opportunity. The Practical Tactical is the perfect platform for tactical schools and ballistics testing.

Glock mid-sized pistols have always presented issues for me. Finger grooves tend to beat my rather large hands up quite a bit, especially on long range days with high-round counts. Out of the box they are certainly adequate, but for my long-term use some alterations were in order. It was time to turn to my good friend Ernie Bray at Red Creek Tactical. We talked about the project, and it turns out he had been wanting to put together a similar pistol. I wanted to build a G35 with a grip reduction, some trigger work, new sights, and the addition of a KKM 40/9mm barrel. He also wanted to try some new ideas he had on stippling the polymer frame.

The Dawson Precision slide stop provided smooth and solid operation while remaining low profile.

The barrel change allows the operator to use the weapon in either caliber. Given the cost of ammunition, the ability to simply swap out the barrel and magazine to a 9mm was intriguing. Larger calibers may be my preference for carry, but attending classes with high round counts gets hard on the joints. The ability to easily go through a 500-round day in training was a huge positive for me. Allowing me to test ammunition in both calibers with one weapon was a bonus. The grip reduction was a must, and the trigger work would be nice. So, a third generation Glock 35 was picked up and sent to Ernie for the work.

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  • Jason A

    Is that all? Where is the review? Where is the list of work done and the associated costs? I have a g35 that I immediately purchased a LWD conversion barrel for. I have shot it in the 9mm configuration 10 to 1 compared to the 40 cal. I too, would like to have trigger work done and maybe a few other things as well. All this article gave me was another name of a “custom glock” shop. I am inclined to follow the anti-recommendation of Tgunner because he is the only one that has given an opinion on the subject.

  • Tgunner

    I have also had custom work done by red creek tactical and could not have been more disappointed. Quality was not what was expected and I found the Workers to be less than helpful