RRA Basic Carry .45ACP

Today, those seeking a 1911 have more choices than ever…

Today, those seeking a 1911 have more choices than ever before. This legendary pistol is one of the most copied in the world. Quality from the various makers ranges from bad to the best and everywhere in between. Aside from low-end “budget” manufacturers, there are makers offering production guns that are good and will serve their owners well; and then there are what I call “high end” production guns.

If my experiences with Rock River Arms are at all indicative of their standards, their guns are definitely worthy of the “high end” categorization. My latest opportunity to sample the goods came with their Basic Carry model, a 5-inch specimen designed specifically with carry in mind.

Gun Details
The Basic Carry’s slide and frame are CNC machined from forged 4140-carbon steel. These two components are selected when an order comes in and remain together to the end. Slide and frame rails are hand-fitted, as are most of the components and parts in RRA’s pistols. Grasping the pistol in a firing grip and the slide in an overhand grasp with my support hand, I was unable to budge the two any direction but front and rear.

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  • Matt Berger

    Yes, it is, though the “white face” is actually silver, which looks white in most light.
    Thanks for the kind words!

  • matt fig

    Hey Matt,
    Is that a Chronomat Evolution with a white face? I have one just like it. Love your articles.