Ruger’s new LC9 provides potent firepower you can carry anywhere.…

Ruger’s new LC9 provides potent firepower you can carry anywhere. Chambered in 9mm, this DAO pistol holds 7+1 rounds in a single-column mag.

Apparently the folks at Sturm, Ruger & Company haven’t been segregating their handguns at night, because it appears two of their most popular pistols have mated and produced offspring.

The LC9 incorporates features of two Ruger handguns. You have the lightweight, easy-to-conceal characteristics of the LCP in .380 ACP with the bigger bore of the SR9 in 9mm.

The Ruger’s sleek, smooth slide and frame make it extremely practical for concealed carry.

Flush with the successes of the SR-556, LCR and LCP, it would have been easy for the Ruger engineers to take a break and rest on their laurels, but this has not been the case. Launched for 2011, the LC9 is a fresh face in the concealed carry stable.

Gun Details
A concealed carry piece to be sure, the LC9 tips the scales at a scant 17.1 ounces empty. The frame is black, glass-filled nylon composite. The slide is hardened alloy steel and finished in gun blue. A 3.12-inch barrel guides the 9mm projectiles to the target and a double-action-only trigger system activates the pistol.

The LC9’s safety, slide lock, and mag release button are located on the left side of the frame.

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  • bugsy

    .380 ACP is called 9mm Kurtz in EU (which is “short”) as well as 9x18mm. 380 and 9mm are almost identical but NOT the same. Think of 9mm as of 380 on steroids.

  • rdc

    You are correct Victor, the bore size are identical. So actually, it’s only a gain in power or powder to be exact.

  • Victor

    Just being technical, aren’t 9mm and .380 the same size bore, and aren’t .380s sometimes called 9mm Short?