RUGER SR1911 .45 ACP

The Ruger SR1911 is a traditionalist’s dream, employing a “Series…

The Ruger SR1911 is a traditionalist’s dream, employing a “Series 70”-style firing system. Ruger chose to make the pistol from stainless steel for added hardiness and corrosion resistance.

Gun Details
I had the opportunity to work with Ruger’s new SR1911 during a writer’s event at Gunsite in December 2010. Ruger hosted the event for the 1911 and Scout Rifle at the world famous facility—what better place to introduce two guns that helped define what Gunsite is all about? While there, Gunsite instructors Chris Weare and LaMont Kintsel put the group through a short training course, including a number of the school’s more famous drills. Over a two-and-a-half day period, I put more than 600 rounds through my loaner gun without cleaning it and never suffered a single malfunction. I was also very surprised at the level of accuracy the gun displayed. My past experience has been that can either make it accurate (read that tight) or reliable (read that loose), but having both is oftentimes fleeting. Ruger seemed to have found the right combination, and my school gun ran unhindered while being capable of placing unsupported shots inside a 4-inch circle at 25 yards…even with my old eyes!

Additional enhancements include an oblong, serrated Commander-style hammer and extended beavertail grip safety.

Everyone in attendance was very impressed with the gun. Gunsight Master Instructor Chris Weare, who owns his share of 1911 pistols, told me that he liked the Ruger version enough to buy it—if you have ever met Chris you know that he doesn’t give such an endorsement readily.

While Ruger’s gun is considered a Series 70 1911 (no trigger bar plunger safety, original style barrel bushing, but has titanium firing pin), they took the time to study the classic design and see where they could make it better without messing with Browning’s brilliance. Enhanced instead of “improved” is the best term to describe what Ruger has done with this 1911.

The attractive checkered hardwood grips feature an embedded Ruger logo.

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  • Jerry Davis

    I am Retired Army and Love 1911s. I found this at a Great Gun Shop and immediately bought it. Ruger has a winner in this one. I have a 70 Series Colt I love, and lots of Old Rugers. If you want a 1911 at an affordable price this is the one. Thanks Ruger

  • American made by Sturm Ruger is all I need to know.

    Ordered mine today.

  • Sir Shootest

    I just ordered my SR1911 yesterday from Gander Mountain. The salesman, “Kip” who is a personal & trusted friend, shot the weapon and compaired it with a “Custom 1911” from a famous gun maker. I have alway carried a Glock 23, but decieded to purchase the Ruger SR1911.
    I have had other Ruger Pistols and have never had any problems. Soooooo between Ruger’s reputation and my friend’s raveing endorsement, I am counting the day’s to take delivery in February 2012 of my pistol.

  • General Jim M

    An affordable American made 1911a1. Everyone should have one.

  • James Bryant

    I will look hard at this if they bring it out in a Commander size. I have fallen in love with Ruger products under their new leadership. They are making guns that shooters want to buy.

  • I wish I could afford one, It wold be a great weapon to own.

  • John W Bletsch

    I am looking forward to actually holding one of these in my hands and deciding if I want to buy it. I most recently bought a Ruger LC9 and after shooting it for the first time, I’m impressed with the total package. The trigger gave me a little trouble for the first 10 – 15 rounds and then the gun settled into a cadance of 1 round per second at 5yds. No malfunctions, but wish for a second magazine in the box. Online orders are backed up with no clear delivery date.
    Ruger’s 1911 looks to be a desirable piece to own and shoot and we will see if it can beat my SIG 1911 on the range, when I can shoot one that is.