Ruger SR9 9mm Pistol Review

The Ruger SR9 9mm, a new and improved pistol, boasts super smooth trigger!


I have never hidden the fact that I like the Ruger SR9 9mm pistol. While the reviews in various magazines were generally favorable, the word that spread across the Internet was that the gun was lacking, but this was not my experience. I shot several thousand rounds through the gun without a single failure and while the trigger was not the best out of the box, it did improve as the gun was fired. I took my SR9 to the famed Gunsite Training Center for their flagship 250 Defensive Pistol Course and its performance was exemplary. The only problem experienced was when Range Master Bill Halverson was giving the gun a small workout and the trigger pin worked its way out, rendering the gun inoperable. Yes, that would be a problem in a fight, but every new product has its problems and it’s always best to discover them during trial and error. The pin was replaced and I went on to not only finish the course, I received the coveted Gunsite “Expert” rating as well as winning the class shoot-off against some very expensive, high-end custom guns.

ruger2.gifThe fact is most criticisms of the SR9 centered on the trigger and I admit I had a few of my own. I felt that the striker let-off was too severe (a hard “glitch”) and the over-travel too great. I got the opportunity to voice my concerns to several Ruger executives and I was told they would take them under advisement. As it turned out, they addressed them sooner than I anticipated. It wasn’t long before Ruger recalled the SR9 due to a potential problem with the trigger system. If the gun were dropped on the rear of the slide, the gun could inadvertently fire. Ruger deserves a great deal of credit for what they did next. Instead of trying to subject their guns to a “retro fit” or issue a “safety warning,” they issued a complete recall of all of the guns affected and are currently replacing the trigger system of each gun while offering each customer a free high capacity magazine for the inconvenience! I had the opportunity to test one of the first guns to come off the assembly line with the updated trigger and, once again, I like what I see.

New Components
A number of parts in the trigger assembly were replaced, but the trigger itself is most notable among them. Although the original design was a two-piece trigger, it was comprised of an inner and outer “shoe,” with the inner one hidden. The updated design uses a visible inner trigger blade, which retards rearward travel unless it’s depressed. This design is similar to what is standard on a Glock pistol and to not make mention of this would be silly. The redesigned trigger system also offers reduced trigger over-travel that makes trigger control more positive and rapid follow-up shots easier to achieve. Additionally, once the inner trigger blade is depressed, the length-of-travel is noticeably reduced, a very pleasing new feature. Another upgraded feature is the magazine release button that has been modified from the original design. The first production buttons were quite stiff, requiring direct inward pressure by the thumb to release. Unless you have very large hands, a quick magazine exchange was problematic at best. Retrofitted pistols with the older latches will receive a newer version, which is easier to depress and will allow them to work well with any SR9 magazine variation. The magazine disconnect and disconnect spring have also been replaced with updated variations as have the striker blocker and striker blocker spring. 

All of the upgrades are internal, thus the gun looks the same on the exterior, which is a real good thing. The SR9 is the slimmest high capacity 9mm pistol on the market. Not only does this make it easy to carry and conceal, it makes it easy for those with small hands to use well. Have a slightly larger hand? This is not a problem, as the SR9 has a reversible rubber backstrap that offers a pleasing arch. The best way to picture this in your mind is to equate the grip to a 1911 with either a straight or arched mainspring housing. Since few people complain about the grip of this famous pistol, Ruger made a good move in modeling the SR9 after it. The grip has nice, but not too sharp, checkering all around, which offers a positive grip surface in all kinds of weather. Dual safety levers are also used and are placed at the rear of the frame much the same as John Browning’s classic design. While some may find this feature a plus, I chose to just ignore the levers and carry the gun ready to fire. As I have said many, many times, safety is a function of the brain and not a mechanical device, so I just choose to keep my finger off the trigger until the gun is pointing at something I wish to shoot. 

Sights & Such
Like most all modern pistols, the SR9 has a rail molded into the dust cover of the frame and will accept most any light or laser that will slide on and lock in place. The sights are of the standard, three white dot variety and are quite acceptable, but I admit that I don’t like the rear due to its adjustability. My background is in law enforcement and personal defense, so I see an adjustable sight as something that can be dislodged. Of course, I am being a bit selfish here and I have to thank Shooting Gallery host Michael Bane for pointing this out to me. 

We were on the range at Gunsite and as I complained about the rear sight, Bill said, “Dave, I see your point, but you don’t see the viewpoint of the sport shooter. There are a large number of shooters who will take this gun to their local club and will zero it for a number of different loads. Since they will want it to shoot right to the point of aim, they will adjust the sight for each load they shoot. These folks find great enjoyment in this and it should not be ignored.” Of course, Bill was right. I was being short-sighted and in this regard, the rear adjustable sight used on the SR9 is a solid design. It is my understanding that at some point Ruger will offer a compact version of the SR9 and it will have a fixed sight as standard. Allegedly this sight will fit on the larger gun, so a solution to “my problem” will be resolved down the road. For right now, a custom sight is being offered for those who do not want to wait, which is a great addition to this exceptional gun. 

Shooting Impressions
Since all of the changes are on the inside of the SR9, the only way to find out if the upgrades are indeed improvements was to head to the range and find out. My shooting partner, Jack “Happy Jack” Yahle and I grabbed as many different factory ammo styles as I had in stock and we headed to the Miamisburg Sportsman’s Club for an afternoon of shooting. The 9mm is one of the few calibers that’s still reasonably priced when compared to .40 and .45, so I intended to shoot as much ammo as possible. To test the updated gun’s accuracy, I shot five-round groups from the Hornady Delta rest placed 25 yards from six-inch Birchwood Casey “Dirty Bird” targets. These targets, like their popular Shoot-N-C targets, change color when hit but have their own plastic backer and are not a peel and stick compound. Velocity of each load was tested across the sky screens of my compact Shooting Chrony chronograph that was 15 feet from the muzzle. 

I’m not sure what was going on, but I could not seem to shoot a group without a single flier spoiling it! In the case of the Federal HST, I had a group just over one inch with my first four rounds before my last shot ended up several inches above the rest. I only point this out as I think the new SR9 is capable of better accuracy than what is displayed here if someone with greater skill had been at the controls! The fact is, I have never been very good at slow-style target shooting, so I used the SR9 to complete a number of skill drills as well as some basic fundamentals like holster skills and speed loading. Feeling a bit more in my element, I was quite happy with the updated SR9. It shot where I pointed it every time and in a fight that’s the single most important feature! In the end, Jack and I fired in excess of 1,000 rounds of various hollow point and FMJ styles through the SR9 without a single failure.

Final Notes
What I liked the best is that most all of the trigger over-travel is now gone! When the striker is released, the trigger stops and that’s how it should be. The trigger still has a bit of a glitch when first used, but after 200 or so rounds, the trigger smoothes out and ends up being quite manageable, especially for combative applications. Is the updated SR9 a better pistol? I would say so. I did, after all, buy the test gun.

For more information: Ruger, 1 Lacey Pl, Dept CH, Southport, CT 06890; 928-541-8820;

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  • james

    I bought the SR9 back in 2010. It’s been an OUTSTANDING full size 9mm. I own a lot of semi autos and this is one of my favorites. I picked up an SR40c as well. I’m very accurate with this gun and it’s easy to shoot. Not one failure that I can remeber in this 9mm or in my SR40c. For a full size with 17+1 capacity it is VERY slim and the reversible back strap is great! It’s such a sleek looking gun. I prefer this over my Glocks any day of the week for the ergonomics and shootability. I have a Glock 19 and 23 and can’t stand the feel of them. In fact of all my 20 some handguns the Glocks have the worst ergonomics. I don’t get it. My SR9 is an absolute value at $399 in my opinion. I could see Ruger charging $500 like a Glock gen 3 if they wanted to. At the time I bought my SR9 the M&P was $500 as well. The feel of the SR sold me on it. Now days though the M&P is down to $399 in my area. If you’re thinking of buying an SR pistol, don’t hesitate, get one. With the Ruger 9E out now it’s even more of a deal at about $300. It does come with one magazine but mags are about $40 for these guns. ALSO, the magazine disconnect in these guns can be REMOVED in a matter of minutes very easily. So, don’t let that safety feature stop you. I removed this in both my SR pistols. Now they fire with NO mag in them.

  • kim

    I’m having a problem my gun misfires on every 3rd round.Also after the last shot the slide doesn’t lock open. I’m glad to know its not just me.

  • Tommy

    Bought my SR9 in ’09 and have shot well over 2000 rounds of all types FMJ, JHP, TMJ +p, and it eats everything flawlessly. I saw it stovepipe once when my 12 year old girl shot it, but it was a simple limp-wrist issue and with a little instruction she was ringing steel at 30 feet. awesome gun would recommend to everyone, and I have!

  • Jim

    Love the SR9! I’ve had mine a couple years now and have not had a single problem with it. The SR9 has a good feel and for those with a little larger hand the reverable back strp makes more of a difference than I thought it would. Kind of cheated on the sighting in. Since I bought the Viridian Green-Dot Laser, I used a Sightmark bore sight and lined up the green dot on the red dot and then adjusted the hard sight to the laser at 15 yards – accuracy is great! I looked at the SR9c for a smaller carry weapon but the size difference wasn’t significant enough to give me a concealment advantage so I went with the LC9 for a pocket carry. Big difference in the mechanics of firing the SR9 striker fire and the LC9’s loooong trigger pull for the hammer cycle but I like the overall performance of both weapons. My wife didn’t want to break a nail oerating the slide on the SR9 so I picked her up a little SP101 .357 revolver. As you can tell, I like Ruger firearms. The hard safety, trigger paddle and magazine interlock make the SR9 almost impossible to have an accidental discharge. I know law enforcement prefer not to use the hard safety as that’s one more thing to remember to do in a high adrenaline environment but since I watched the You Tube of the DEA Agent shoot his foot with a Glock in front of a classroom full of kids, think it’s a good idea and it is ergonomically easy to thumb sweep the safety off while drawing from the holster. I hope that this American made firearm becomes popular with law enforcement. It certainly has the features, accuracy and reliability to be a standard issue weapon.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    I’m a Glock fan myslef but my Daughter shoots with us and it didnt fit her hands. I took her out and we shopped and she kept going back to the SR9. I have to say it has been an awesome pistol and has no issues and she is shooting competitivly and hunting with it as well. I reviewed them here on Tactical Life before we bought it. Now on to getting the wifes SR22 pistol, maybe, hopefully

  • Scott G

    I’ve had some failure to fire issues when first using mine a month ago. I don’t know if it is the ammo (Winchester white box FMJ’s) or if it is the firing pin. When I put the unfired bullest back in the chamber and tried it again they would fire so I’m not sure if it is the pin or the ammo. Out of 200 rounds I had at least 10 FTF’s which is a 5% failure rate and that makes me nervous about depending on this gun if something makes me need to use it. I’m hoping its just the ammo and I’m going to go back to range and use some of my Speer Gold Dot HP’s to see if it happens again. If it does then I’ll know it’s the firing pin and I’ll be trading the gun at the next gun show that comes along.

  • Trey

    Had my SR9 for about a year now, never once jammed, FTF, FTE, etc. I haven’t kept up with the rounds put through it, but it’s not nearly as much as my other carry piece (over 3K rounds and an extractor fix, still ticking just fine). I went looking for a Glock 17 because I prefer full grip over compacts, but decided I would finger the SR9 while I was at the counter. Instant hand-gasm. It felt wonderful! It contours perfectly in my hand and seems to line its sights up perfectly with my eyes! First complaint was magazine safety, it was removed before I even went to the range. At the range I complained about the trigger, but a few minutes with very fine sandpaper took care of that. Unfortunately my wife’s SR9c was not as wonderful as my full size. The trigger still sucks even after three attempts of smoothing the edges out and countless dry fires. I attempted to simply swap the trigger guts with mine to make it better for her, but even though they look exactly the same side by side, my internals will not fit. She prefers to shoot mine over hers when we go to the range.

  • Bill

    Just got my sr9 today and after a guick cleaning took it to the range. I have benn looking for a nice 9mm and did alot of research. I chose the ruger because of the grip, safety and price and boy am I glad I did. Put 200 rounds through it of three different brands with out a problem. Love it. Looks better than a glock. Less expensive than a sw. Is accutate has I am and made in the US of A. What more could you ask for a

  • Jerome

    I just picked up my Ruger SR9 today and went straight to the range. I shot 150 rounds and found this gun to be AWESOME! It is amazingly accurate. Also, I shout 3 different brands of ammunition with no problems at all. I love this weapon!!

  • John

    In response to Oak, I bought an SR9 in Jan. 2011, it came with two 17 round mags, which in my view would be as good or better than a 15 round mag. I have fired about 1000 rounds thru it without any problems. It breaks down and reasembles very easily. I love this gun and am thinking about buying an SR9c.

  • Oak

    I think it is really lousy that I cannot purchase one of these with a 15-round magazine. The only way I would buy one with a 10 rounder would be for Ruger to toss in an extra one for me. Has anybody modified these for 15 rounds? What holster do you use? Are sight upgrades available, especially for tritium sites. If so, any recommendations, and how difficult to install?

  • James Bryant

    I bought a used SR9 about a year ago. It has replaced my Glocks as my EDC carry gun. Grips are thinner, recoil “feels” lighter, accuracy is phenomal. It is a Glock with a safety on it. I love mine, using it in competition, for carry and as a nightstand/home defense pistol. It bobbled for the first time last saturday in an IDPA match on the first 2 stages, but a little RemOil and she was back in the running.

    I can’t wait to get another one. I only wish that Ruger would put front cocking serrations on the fullsize SR9s as well as the compact models.

    If I had my way, Ruger would bring out a 4.5 to 5.0 inch barrel SR9 for gun game competitors.

  • ghm

    1000 rounds thru it and no hiccups but that one bad white box bullet. it was a deformed case that the person i let test my handgun didn’t notice it was a bad round and loaded it anyways. wasn’t the guns fault just that guy not noticing the bullet wasn’t normal. but i do realize that the gun shoots high right about an inch off. nutnfancy also said the same thing about the gun. i don’t have the tools to adjust the windage but i did the elevation. basically i tapped it to the right when i got home so my next trip to the range i will hope it shoots perfect. if not, without the tools, i might as well have it sighted at the store. because it is my bedside protection, i would like it to have perfect sight. in an emergency i wouldn’t have time to get to my cabinet and grab my Stag.

  • Kevin

    in response to joseph with problems getting barrel out of the slide, I bought a sr9 and three days after buying it i decided to break it down to find out how it came apart even before firing it for the first time. I also couldnt get the barrel out of the slide, took it back to where i bought it and they had to send it back to ruger which took about a month to get it back. All is good now, this must be a recuring problem that they have, although other than knowing i had the problem your the first I have heard that had the same problem.

  • ravshan


  • joseph

    ive bought me a sr9 and i am having problems with getting my barrel out of slide could anyone tell me if their have the same problame thanks

  • chris

    i had purchaced a olive sr9 02/15/11 its a wonderful gun the only problem i have is the slide does not close all the way after a round ejects what would cause it

  • Dave Loyer

    I just bought a new model 3321 SR9 and have only done dryfiring so far. As an older person with sore hands I find the slide extremely hard to pull back. I am trying to get my hands adjusted to it. I won’t be live firing until spring and I can’t wait. I love the gun so far and hope it fires great also.

  • Mj

    Hi I just bought my sr9 on friday n I took to the range on sat I put 200 rounds of blazzer n pmc fmj 115gr n it jamed on me 15 time? Plz help

  • brandon

    i bought 2 of the ruger sr 9 pistols and both have worked absolutely flawless never a jam or a hiccup of anytype i have to wonder that some of the people that have experienced jams are you limp wristing your weapon i absolutely love both of them and will be getting rid of my glocks

  • BBR, Mendicant Fakir of the Masses

    I purchased the SR-9C around the middle December 2010. Lots of james with round nose jacketed factory ammo. Took the moto tool to it with the appropriate crayex stones and removed the strait edge lip at the base of the feed ramp. Then I corrected the geometry of the feed ramp, polished it with Top Brite and now it eats up any and all types of ammo. Hollow Points, Round Nose and Truncated Nose. Have fired about 1200rds out of it. It’s now my day to day carry gun. I grease the slide and frame contact parts with Yamaha high pressure marine grease, the same stuff we packed our wheel bearing with when I use to race dirt bikes. The grease really smoothed out everything. Thanks and hope this helps you guys.

  • Gary

    Bought my Olive Drab SR9 nearly a year ago and love it! I’ve put over 2,500 rounds through it without a single issue of any kind. This pistol’s the ultimate Glock eater for a few hundred $ less!! The trigger’s not bad at all, but looking at a Ghost tigger install to lighten things up even more.

  • Mark

    I’ve had mine for about 2 years now and love it. Never had a problem with FTF or FTE and have shot over 2000 rounds of everything from Monarch to Blazer to Winchester White Box through it and its still going strong.

  • Todd

    Bought mine one year ago and love it to death 2,000 rounds and still going strong with all kinds of ammo. you really need to find what round works for your gun.

  • Randall

    i just got my ruger sr9 9mm on sep 21 and has already shot over 500 rounds and it is a great gun the new trigger and mag. release made it the best pistol i own now. my wife is even able to shoot it with no problem. I own and shoot 16 guns and ruger and remington are the best.

  • Frank

    Every time I load my new sr9 it jams any suggestions? I have been using magtec ammo.

  • Rand

    I like the SR9. Out of the box, it was horrible. Many hours of polishing made it a fine pistol. The trigger was gritty and heavy. The mags were impossible to load.

    The striker spring was so heavy, it pierced primers.

    The magazines were so oversprung that the slide didn’t cycle completely when firing. My wife could not pull back the slide when new. I could only fit 15 rounds in each mag even when using the loading tool. The slide lock was impossible to lower with one thumb. I wound up cutting coils out of each mag spring.

    The barrel lugs were so rough that my wife could not break loose the slide from battery to cock the pistol. The machining marks on almost every contacting surface needed to be addressed. When new, the slide would not return to battery after firing probably 25% of the time. The slide needed to be pushed forward the last 1/2 inch to go into battery.

    It sounds like lots of people had better luck with their pistol when new. I considered my pistol, in it’s stock configuration, to be unfunctional. I will not mention all of my personal modifications, lest someone do more harm to their pistol than good, but the modifications were numerous and necessary.

  • Jimmy

    I’ve owned my Ruger SR9 for over a year now. I fell in love when testing a patron’s SR9 at a local range. After purchasing I didn’t feel as though my trigger was as “smooth” as his. The break is EXTREMELY crisp with virtually no creep. If I had to guess I would say it breaks at around 10lbs.

    Actually, as Brian said Jan 22nd 2009: “the trigger is still horrible! It breaks at just over 9 lbs.”

    Should I contact Ruger? And what should I say? This pistol would be VIRTUALLY PERFECT if it weren’t for the trigger.

  • Just bought my second SR9… it’s the very latest ideration of the SR9. After the great trigger on the SR9C, Ruger fixed that nasty trigger on the full size version. The new full size has the same take down lever as the “C” and the same backward “D” shaped mag release. But the big difference on the newest full size is the trigger. It is absolutely sweet, better than the Ghost I put in in my first SR9. This is the gun Ruger wished they had first introduced in 07. It is now my alltime favorite striker fired 9mm ever. It’s now a top competetor for ANY full size 9mm semi-auto pistol on the market. Watch out Glock, after some years, the SR9 might nudge them out of the light.

  • heath

    i love my sr9 . never had one single problem out of it thank you rugar

  • Lee

    Hi i bought my sr9 in feb. the new sr9s are awesome love this gun my trigger is right about 5lbs and not bad at all ghost inc. has the trigger resets now and mine is on its way it will be 3.5lbs when done it just drops in place of the factory one its going to be sweet like i said mine is an awesome gun and would not get rid of it for anything. Thanks so much Ruger

  • Robert G

    I just received my Ruger SR9 on 02/02/2010 and I went to the range to shoot 200 rounds and I found that both of the magazines that came with the SR9 where flawed. I had jams and misfires with the two magazine that came with my SR9. I put a few hundred round in both magazines to break them in (without firing). I found that on the fifth round the cartridge would hang up within the magazine, I would have to tap the magazine on the palm of my hand to free up the hang up. I called Ruger in Prescott Arizona and explained what was going on and they told me to send one of the magazines to them for inspection. I received a call from Ruger today 02/13/2010 and they said that the magazines that I have are the old version and that I should send the remaining magazine back so they can replace it.
    I purchased a extra factory magazine from Cabela’s and that one worked perfectly. The magazine is made in Italy (stamped on side of magazine). Other than that I love my Ruger SR9! Everything about the SR9 I like. The trigger smoothed out very nicely. Oh yeah my Ruger is a SR9 X 10, I live in Southern California.

  • Craig

    I love my SR9! I’ve shot thousands of rounds and have never had a problem. My wife even likes it better than any other guns she has shot. Overall I would recommend this gun to almost anyone.

  • Drew

    I recently purchased an SR9. My father has been a ruger owner for many years and when I was growing up the only 2 guns he bought me were rugers. A 30-06 and a .22 pistol. I had recently owned a beretta .40 cal. and got rid of it when I was teaching my wife to shoot because she had a hard time with it. Knowing that the 9mm would be easier to handle, and loving ruger, i made the move. I love the feel of the gun and so does she. However, on my first visit to the range to sight the pistol in, out of 70 rounds, it jammed at least 20 times and the trigger is terrible. I have read all about the recall and trigger improvements but mine is a “post” problem gun. What can I do to help this problem, I would like to stay a ruger man but this issue is concerning!

  • jason

    I just bought my SR9 yesterday and shot 100 rounds today. I like it, the trigger isn’t bad at all. Great gun

  • Jay

    I purchased a slightly used ( 04/09 manufacture date ) SR9 1 month ago and really like this gun. It feels right in my hand and as I am a left hand shooter …. it works well with the safety and mag release. I have put 250 – 300 rounds through it and it has performed flawlessy ….not a single misfeed or problem. I am still working on getting it sighted in but in general, a great reasonably priced gun with a large capacity ( 17+1 ). I used to have a Ruger P89 9mm and really liked that gun too. I also have a Ruger Redhawk 44 mag and that is a nice plinker. I would recommend the SR9. You don’t have to spend $500 – $700 to get a good reliable weapon.

  • Mike

    I got mine yesterday and love it. I’ve never been a good shot with a pistol but was getting good groups at twenty yards the first time I ever shot it. Very little recoil. Feels like shooting a 380. The only problem I found was when I got it home to clean it. I field striped it down and the barrell tollarance is so tight at the muzzle it’s very hard to get out to the point I’m afraid it’s going to damage the slide twisting it out. The barrell will push forward and tilt where I can get a rod through it but it’s harder than hell to pull out of the slide.

  • george mello

    5oo rounds trigger still sucks but better then it was out of the box,mag.release is still sticky,the good news is that this is one of the best feeling,shooting pistols i have owned and i have owned many (was a dealer)dont know how or why ruger let it out of factory with a trigger pull as heavy as this,it could have been one of the best pistols made by them not for the pull,also very little muzzle rise its a keeper even with the heavy pull

  • george mello

    5oo rounds trigger still sucks but better then it was out of the box,mag.release is still sticky,the good news is that this is one of the best feeling,shooting pistols i have owned and i have owned many (was a dealer)dont know how or why ruger let it out of factory with a trigger pull as heavy as this,it could have been one of the best pistols made oby them not for the pull,also very little muzzle rise its a keeper even with the heavy pull

  • Joe

    Just purchased an SR9 about two weeks ago. I was very impressed with the ergonomics and how it felt in my hand. I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to shooting handguns, so I find that obtaining close groupings can be a bit of a challenge at 15 yards. At any rate, I’ve noticed that a number of people have stated that the trigger pull is “gritty”. Among other things, this may be due to dry firing the pistol WITHOUT the magazine in place. Ruger states that dry firing w/out the magazine in the gun will cause accelerated wear and damage to the striker mechanism, leading to a gritty feeling in the trigger pull. Do not dry fire the SR9 without the magazine in place.

  • Daniel Dolan

    The retro-fitted trigger is a big improvement. It is much easier to shoot the pistol accurately with the new trigger. The original trigger was the cause of the big groups that were produced in the early testing. This pistol is extremely reliable. I shoot only good quality factory ammo and have had no stoppages of any kind in a couple of thousand rounds.

  • richard

    just purchased an sr9 it the fires reliably,trigger sucks ruger should do far and away better than this p.o.s .trigger.Ruger get your act together I’ve puchased far to many of your weapons over the years and have had issues that needed repair far to often your quality control is not only lacking but seems non-existant

  • Herb

    I got my SR9 in March, 2008 before the trigger recall. The gun stove piped and had an extremely poor trigger. I sent the gun back to Ruger with my malfunction complaints. They fixed the malfunction and replaced the trigger group. Since then I have put over 3,300 rounds through it with no malfunctions. The new trigger is much better than the original but it still sucks big time. For immediate close work the trigger won’t keep you from winning. For anything resembling competiton like IDPA and 20+ yard targets, a trigger job would be a major improvement. The big question is, where to get a reliable trigger job that will smoooooth the pull?

  • John

    I bought my SR9 about a month ago. The trigger took one session to get used to, but I have no complaints about it now. Accuracy is limited only by MY inexperience. It’s very consistent. I am looking forward Crimson Trace making laser sights for this unit. I know that Viridian makes green lasers for it, but I don’t want to use a different holster. I love the one DeSantis makes for the SR9 (leather, apprx $40).
    I had one stovepipe jam in my first session, and none since. The side could be easier to pull back, but I have learned to just grasp it with my full hand, rather than with my fingers.
    As I get used to it with more use, I love this gun, and carry it much more than I thought I would. I have had a friend try it, and he was impressed, esp when he compared price/comfort/features with his Beretta.

  • RickM46

    Disappointing start but great ending.
    I am a newbie and just started target shooting.
    Up until 5 weeks ago, I have never owned or fired a firearm.
    Well, during that time, I purchased a Ruger MKIII and a Rugar GP100 – both execllent right out of the box – smooth and no problems – I’m no marksman yet.

    Then based on their quality, last week I bought the SR9 – manufactured circa March, 2009 (anyway, that’s what the envelope was dated that contained the test fired casing). 17 round mags.

    First Use – disappointing.
    Out of the box, I swabbed the bore to remove execess oil and went to the range to practice. Used MagTech ammo. Shot 60 rounds; got 4 stovepipes; got 3 fail to feeds; slide failed to stay open thrice on last rounds. Disappointed.

    Second Use today – one week later – Excellent!!
    Read many websites on the SR9 and did the following:
    Disassembled SR9; lubed every part that moved; lubed grooves in slide; lubed metal slide mount; lubed mag ejector; lubed magazines themselves; lubed magazine eject buttons; loaded mags full and let them set for 2 days; disassembled
    and reassembled SR9 every night (7 nights) and lubed parts I had missed. Put 50 rounds of PMC and 50 rounds of American Eagle though it today – 10 rounds per mag. Used firm grip but not a death grip; trigger pull smooth; trigger re-
    index short and predictable; rapid shoot easy; not one problem!!! My target accuracy – not so much yet.

    Definitely like this gun and would recommend!

  • Chris

    My SR9 happens to be my daily carry, I found a really great nylon CC holster at a local gun show, I added a few bartac’s to the belt loops and I couldn’t be happier. Honestly with the limited selection of holsters, for $10 I don’t think I could have done any better.

  • don

    like the gun, trigger improves with use. the only
    thing that is unacceptable is the slide ia very hard to pull back, i called ruger about this they told me it would get better with use. after 2500
    rounds it has not improved.

  • Gabe

    I love my sr9 with few exceptions….there is virtually no aftermarket to correct the minor quirks the gun has. I agree the trigger could be lighter but that would require a lighter spring in the striker assembly. the mag disconnect is a must for anyone carrying for protection. i have 2 holsters have found selection is limited. The fobus hk1 fits and works but is not exact. Im just wondering if the aftermarket will get behind this pistol or just leave it on the wayside?

  • Steve Hunter

    Have SR9 as well; great ergonomics, accuracy, reliability. The trigger is a disgrace, like dragging a rake through gravel. Also, on mine, the serrations in the cocking groves are unpleasantly sharp. This pistol was not ready to leave the factory. Does anyone know of a ‘smith who does trigger jobs on the beasts? Then maybe we peons can get a trigger crank as smooth as the one Dave Spaulding got.

  • David Philpott

    I liked my SR9 a lot… except for the trigger. But after the trigger recall upgrade, it has been a revelation- very crisp, with no creep and no noticeable over travel. The magazine disconnect safety is easily removable, as well. The SR9 is now my very favorite pistol and preferable to my Glocks.

  • Brian

    I bought a post-recall SR9 and generally, I like it. However, the trigger is still horrible! It breaks at just over 9 lbs. Unacceptable! Ruger really needs to fix the trigger on what otherwise is a good gun.