Secure Your Weapon

When we think of handgun retention, we generally relegate that…

When we think of handgun retention, we generally relegate that arena of training to law enforcement officers. Since offenders use the officers’ weapons to shoot or murder them in most instances where they gain control over them, this is a serious concern. Though officers may be more at risk for a grab at their weapon due to various factors intrinsic to the job, maintaining control of your weapon is critical for all of us who carry a gun for defense. Weapon retention is not only a concern, but a responsibility.

The first step to weapon retention is also the one big advantage that the armed citizen has over uniformed officers, that is, concealment. Keeping a low profile and seeing to it that your weapon is adequately hidden at all times means that the bad guys don’t know it’s there, nor does anyone else. Being careless and allowing the weapon to be seen in public could result in numerous problems, from panicking the individuals who see it, to ending in a situation with law enforcement, which will be an “inconvenience,” to say the least. Be sure you’re using a well-designed holster that will conceal and carry it comfortably as well as retain the weapon, even during rigorous activity. You’re far more likely to have to defend yourself with your hands, or run, than to engage in a gunfight. Imagine the peril of engaging in a scuffle, only to have your pistol clank onto the ground.

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