Shooting Gone Bad

Most of the time when you do the right thing…


Most of the time when you do the right thing with a gun in your hand, “The System” will realize it and because The System generally works, you’ll be okay. When I say “The System,” I’m talking about the criminal justice system. The civil justice system is something else, because it’s absolutely true that “anyone can sue anyone for anything.” For our purposes here, let’s just talk about criminal cases, the stuff that can put you behind bars, jail or prison.

selfdefense2.gifJail is usually a county facility under the sheriff’s supervision for a misdemeanor. That means a crime punishable by no more than a year. It’s amazing how many people you’ll hear using the phrase, “It’s only a misdemeanor.” The next time you hear that, remember “only a misdemeanor” means only 364 or less days in jail. If one is convicted of a felony, a crime punishable by more than a year of incarceration, it’s prison time.

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