SIG SAUER P224 .40 S&W

The new Sig Sauer P224 is a scaled down version…

The new Sig Sauer P224 is a scaled down version of the P229 and features a double-column mag. It will initially be offered in .40, followed by 9mm and .357 SIG variants.

Sig Sauer has been on the firearms scene since the 1860’s when they first produced rifles for the Swiss Army. In the 1970’s they combined with J.P. Sauer & Sohn, then in 1985 came to the United States—in a big way. Since then Sig Sauer has been a major supplier of handguns and other firearms to the U.S. Government and military, plus state and local law enforcement agencies. The organization has been a tireless innovator in both weapons design and firearms training. It doesn’t seem as though a year goes by without Sig Sauer introducing a new firearm or variation of an existing model.

Gun Details
The P224 is a compact concealment-type handgun chambered for the popular .40 S&W cartridge, while later models will also be offered in 9mm and .357 SIG. It is Sig Sauer’s first sub-compact Classic series variant that accommodates a double-column magazine. Even with a very short grip frame, it has a 10+1 ammunition capacity in .40. The magazine included has no finger rest on the baseplate, so you must curl the little finger beneath the grip when firing. To help you maintain a solid hold, the G10 grip panels have a honeycomb-style knurling on the sides and rear, plus the frontstrap is finely checkered. The “upper” and forward portion of the frame greatly resembles the Sig Sauer P229—with its 3.9-inch barrel and 7.1-inch overall length—the P224 has a 3.5-inch barrel and 6.7-inch overall length; essentially making it a cut-down P229. Like the P229 DAK it has the double-action-only (DOA) trigger with an exposed, spurless hammer. The DAK system offers a consistent 6.5-pound trigger pull, with second-strike capability. As it is a DAO model, there is no external safety and no magazine safety. Internal safeties include an automatic firing pin lock, safety intercept notch, and trigger bar disconnect.

Sig Sauer’s P224 has a honeycomb pattern in the grip panels and the rear portion of the grip that works with the checkering on the frontstrap to allow excellent control.

The only visible controls are on the left side of the pistol and consist of the magazine release, slide stop catch and takedown lever. A traditional double-action/single-action (DA/SA) trigger will be offered on the P224, in later versions.

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  • Purchased new Sig Sauer P224 two weeks ago, shot it using Winchester Truncated 165 gr hard ball. The accuracy is unbelieveable like a tricked out full sized target pistol, but after owning 38 Sig pistols over my LE career I have found one that at 50 rounds is failing to lock up ever three rounds. Hope it smooths up soon.

    • Loren Huckstadt

      A side note the above Sig P224SAS at 150 rounds started shooting like a sewing machine. The accuracy is amazing at 10 yds. the Q target is a perfect Swiss cheese.

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  • i have seven sigs and love them all ,p220,p225,p6,p226,p228,p229,p239 and a 556 swat rifle…!! I PLAN TO BUY SOME MORE THIS YEAR..

  • Ron

    I sell Sigs and I love Sigs but they have to quit making all these DAO handguns. Make them double single with a decocker and they will sell.

  • Fred

    The Grip looks like it has room for one finger! how do you hold that thing?

  • Simon F.

    One of the few things you can trust your life on! Sig builds the finest off the shelf weapons I have ever handled! I have 3 p series hand guns, and 2 970 bolt rifles, never failing and excellent ergonomics! My sons will fight over them when I leave this world!….chewing on purchasing an AR style Sig! …that’s a fight between me and the wife!

  • Rick Gardzelewski

    Sig’s are the best, I own 2 of them. It’s what our Military Special Forces use as well !!