Sig Sauer P226 9mm X-Five Tactical Duty Pistol Review

From State Highway Patrol to US Navy SEALS, the Sig Sauer P226 9mm X-Five Tactical is the ultimate duty pistol!


SIG SAUER has been selling superb firearms to civilians, military, and law enforcement for decades. SIG SAUER handguns have been a leader in these markets because they are tough and reliable. SIG SAUER’s reliability is touted in their advertising as “to hell and back” and that track record is a leading factor in their popularity.

sigsauer2.gifFor over a decade, SIG SAUER’s flagship pistol has been the P226. The original P226 was chambered in 9mm and is now available in .40 and .357 SIG. These additional chamberings have significantly increased the popularity of their full-size duty pistol. Their pistols are highly regarded by officers and competitors, and are prized for their accuracy and reliability. The SIG SAUER P226 has proven to be a workhorse and is carried in the holsters of agencies such as the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Michigan State Police, Texas DPS, and even the US Navy SEALS.

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  • chuck

    poor wright up! This should be about the gun in the picture, a P226 X5 tactical, not a standard P226. They are not even close to the same handgun. For starters, these two guns are not even made in the same side of the world let alone the 10 or so differences. Very poor wright Tactical Life.


    In response to Jack Warner, I have seen a certain Ca. SERT train suppressed but deploy suppressed only on very special circumstances. It is mostly for team member safety. Hollywood made suppressers an assasin tool, but factually it comes in very handy when your all firing in a stack. In those cases when utilizing a can the only thing you have to worry about is hot brass which really helps maintain focus. Suppressers being classed a class 3 was an ignorant move in my opinion. Theres my $0.02


    The P226 X-FiveT is awesome. It is different than my others ie P229 & P220 Extreme in that there is no decock. It operates more like a 1911 which bothers me just a little as I am a big fan of the decock lever and not so much a fan of safety selectors except for my M4 or MP5. I won’t get into whether or not anything was photoshoped. Who really cares? I give the gun 4 stars. 5 if it had a decock lever and ghost ring night sights.

  • AJ

    Shulze is clearly and idiot. Take into account the barrel thickness…..ID vs OD

  • TMD

    Shultz: who cares if it is photoshoped or not? its just a picture!
    The gun comes with or without threaded barrel
    simple fact is you can get any Sig in a threaded barrel.
    From Sig or after market, and as stated by Jack anybody with a clean record and residing in a state that allows it (45 or 50) you can send in paperwork with $200 bucks for the tax stamp to legally own silencer.
    For that gun. 200 per gun and paperwork for each gun.
    Have a desire for a short barrel rifle and a silencer? That gun with paperwork and $200 for each request will make you legal.
    now law enforcement foot patrol will more than likely carry it in an un-threaded version they are able to carry threaded. as far as suppressors that is up to dept but more than likely it would be entry teams only, if even that.

  • Edmund

    i like it

  • Schulze

    Warner doesn’t understand what “NFA of ’34” is, or a Form 4, or that there are tens of thousands of legal silencers in civilian hands in the United States.

  • Sorry to say, silencer !! only special force or
    say, military units may be alloved to use them.
    For a civilian or Police will be a crime.
    I even support ”Schulze” in he’s comments.
    Have a P226 and I just that pistol, it’s my partner in any situation.

  • Schulze

    Lame photoshop. You can clearly see the exit hole on the silencer is smaller than the 9mm barrel on the pistol. That’s not even a 9mm silencer.