The Osprey is a departure from the convention round suppressor.…

The Osprey is a departure from the convention round suppressor. The design provides more volume and allows the use of most factory sights. It is shown here with Nighthawk Customs’ GRP Recon 1911.

A little over a year ago, a small company named Silencerco opened their doors for business. Two young entrepreneurs who had great ideas, but no background in the firearms industry formed the company. Their first product was a .22 suppressor called the 22Sparrow that was introduced in September 2008. The 22Sparrow is a user serviceable suppressor that features a Multi-Part Containment system that keeps lead and debris from building up between the core and the outer tube. The design not only makes disassembly and cleaning much easier, it also offers added protection to the serial numbered outer tube. The 22Sparrow became a rapid success with orders that quickly surpassed the company’s projections for 2009. However, Silencero was only getting started.

Suppressor Details
Within months, the company had a design for an eccentric centerfire pistol suppressor called the Osprey. While the eccentric design is not new, it is noteworthy that Silencerco is the first company to bring it to market in many years. Given the current number of suppressor manufacturers, this is a real accomplishment. The eccentric design is a box shaped suppressor that places the baffles below the barrel of the pistol. This design lowers the top edge of the suppressor and allows the use of most factory sights. The design also allows for a larger internal volume to improve the noise reduction capability. When compared to a traditional round suppressor that is 1.25 inches in diameter and the same length, the Osprey has 28% more internal volume. For portability, the flat sides of the tube allow the pistol to be carried securely in a holster. In the past, the challenge that faced designers was how to ensure that the eccentric suppressor indexed on the pistol at the proper attitude.

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