Smith & Wesson M&P .45ACP Pistol Review

A tough, durable autopistol, the Smith & Wesson M&P .45ACP is now available in the classic big bore!

By now, I think most everyone has seen or read about Smith & Wesson’s strong surge to regain dominance of the handgun market. No? Sure you have. The company is doing it with the new S&W M&P autopistol line, which was introduced in 2005. As typified by this article, almost every gun magazine has an article about the pistol in one of its permutations.

sw22.jpgThe M&P debuted in caliber .40, followed shortly by a 9mm version, then a compact version and now one in .45ACP. I suspect the .45 was hurried along by the now-suspended U.S. military’s expressed interest in replacing its current sidearm with a .45ACP that wasn’t a 1911 pistol.

The M&P design is the brainchild of Joe Bergeron, S&W Handgun Product Manager who, with his team of Project Engineers Brett Cury, Sean O’Clair and Gary Zukowski, created an autopistol whose features speak to what market forces have indicated are wanted in such a handgun.

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  • wang

    not wrong about the “…almost every gun magazine has an article about the pistol in one of its permutations.” comment. was out at the magazine galore shop the other day looking for another handgun magazine to add to my collection as i have misplaced my other one. i flipped through many different ones and i sh*t you not, the smith and wesson M&P write ups are like a contagious flu been spread around. i ended up buying the combat handguns magazine with that desert eagle on the cover page.

    The M&P looks alright and feels good in the hands. But i guess the hype be never as long lasting as GLOCK. Glocks in the gun world is like ipods in the portable music player industry. Funnily i still don’t have a glock. I got a beretta m92fs and a smith and wesson sigma though. great online articals. keep it up.

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