Remington 1911R1 Handgun Review

What's old is new again — we have the Remington 1911R1 pistol in our grips for a 300-plus round complete test.

What’s in the box? The handgun, two magazines, a bushing wrench, owner’s manual and a gun lock.

Up until this year Remington had manufactured 21,677 1911 handguns. This was during 1918 in response to government weapon contracts to support the war effort.
That number is sure to climb if not double very soon. I first shot the new Remington 1911R1 along the Mexican border in Texas during early March. A precarious situation developed during a hunt and if the R1 didn’t save my life, at the very least it kept me from serious injury.

It might be hard to get excited about just another 1911 but this 1911 is being built in the United States by America’s oldest gun making company! And, it’s here just in time for the 100th anniversary of the 1911. Die hard 1911 aficionados will have to have one, just cause. Serious minded self defense practitioners and other savvy gun owners will first want to know if it’s reliable, accurate and everything a real 1911 is supposed to be. I’m at 367 rounds and counting. Check out the full story in the September 2010 issue of Combat Handguns.

remington-1911-r1-bStop the rumors, now we know. Remington’s new handgun is a 1911 and it’s made from real steel right here in U.S.A.

remington-1911-r1-cHow did the R1 shoot? You’ll have to pick up the magazine for the full, 15 load test report but I will tell you it will consistently put five rounds of Black Hills 230 grain FMJ ammunition into sub two inch groups, at 25 yards, from a sandbag rest.

remington-1911-r1-dThe Remington 1911R1 comes with classic walnut, double diamond checkered grips just like were found on the original 1911s manufactured by Remington in 1918.

remington-1911-r11Tastes in 1911s vary greatly with regard to triggers, grip safeties, series 80 safeties and so on. One thing all discerning pistolerlos agree on is that a 1911 should have a dovetailed front sight and one comes standard on the Remington 1911R1.

remington-1911-r1-fWhat’s the box look like? Remington green of course. It’s a lockable semi-hard carry case.

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  • Donn Sharp

    This weapon is my first 1911, I couldn’t be more satisfied. it feels great in my hands balance and weight seem exceptional. trigger was s little tight at first but seemed to come into its own after 125+150 rounds.
    it took 2-3 mags. to get accurate with it consistently but it is easy to hold a nicely centered group..
    my wife is also very happy with the purchace and performance. now, if I can get it back from her.
    I’d like to.find a comfortable vertical shoulder harness holster for winter clothing.

  • Bobby Atkins

    sorry to say my first 45 was an import and did not work out and mow I am waiting for my new 1911R1 to arrive and fully expect it to perform as other reviews I have read… once I get it and am able to start shooting it I will insert another review.. it is a very good looking hand gun an my reasons to purchase is personal defense and pleasure shooting.

  • bob w

    I must be sold on the remington R 1911 R 1 I just ordered on for my youngest son for Christmas [ he is 48 yrs old ] – I looked at a springfield Mil .
    for $599.95 and said to myself dont be a fool buy him one you know he will love – so I did .

  • bob w

    I purchased the remington 1911 talo edition msrp $748 – I paid $609.00 plus 3% for credit card plus shipping . I have owned a S&W 1911and a kimber custom classic 1911– I have been to the range 5 times and have fired some 360 rds. No malfunctions none — very accurate right out of the box — 4th. trip I was able to keep 80 rounds fired @ 30 feet standing in the 8 X 11 target and shot the bulls eye out 2 or 2 1/2 ” hole – my grand son and I compared the remington and the kimber he said it was like shooting the same gun his lucky day I gave him the kimber and kept the remington – its now my favorite all time gun – best gun you could buy for less than $1000.00

  • Tom Mann

    Have owned and shot a Browning Highpower for years. I really am a fan of John Brownings designs. I always though .45 was overkill and never thought of buying one. Then an uncontrolled impulse hit me and I bought the R1. I have found religion after 500 rounds of pure enjoyment. The gun is solid and definitely is accurate out of the box. My second 500 rounds will be cast bullets using loading data proven by my bullseye shooting buddies. I ordered a beavertail grip safety, commander hammer, and ambidextrious safety to customize the pistol to get the feel of the “Enhanced” R1 that just came out. Love the gun and you will too.

  • Ed

    Mims Schmims…. So a weapon has a mim. Fired over 1000 rds thru my R1 and my too over 700 rds in my Taurus 709 Slim – yes a Taurus — without a “MIM” problem. If you need to be such a purist just buy a non mim part. Good Grief, Charlie Brown; if u need to worry about a mim actually malfunctioning be better at 1st placement. A company does NOT put in a MIM to increase it’s chances to be sued. Been firing weapons since 1960 to date and ain’t had no “Mim” problem.

  • Larry Cayton

    I bought one, I.m not a big fan of auto. but wanted to try one Remington make good shotguns an rifles.
    I am really in love with it. I shoot at a indoor range an at 25 foot I can take a 2″ bullseye out.
    I hunt and shoot a S&W 686 6″ barrel 357mag an like it but enjoy the rem. more now after 300 rounds.
    I don’t know about other places but local gun shops around hear cannot keep them in stock. Happy shooting Larry

  • Range Master

    I bought one of these about two weeks ago. Being a Georgia firearms instructor, I have fired it a lot with all kinds of ammo. It is very dependable, spot on accurate from the factory and performs flawlessly. You could pay a lot more money but why when this is available for $600 and does everything you ask of it perfectly.

  • Edward Beacom

    I am not an expert, just carried one (1911) in Viet Nam, on guard duty, self protection, and just for fun. I have had Colts, military ( with every combination of parts) and I really like the new Remington R1. It fits tight, but still has a bit of 1911 rattle. Shoots good, real good and I have not had a mis-feed, stove pipe or jam after 500+ rounds.
    For those of you that just have to make it better, have at it, it is after all a 1911. But if you insist on a good gun, fair price, and value for the price just enjoy the weapon as is.

  • JB

    We all know a 1911 represents something profoundly American because it’s so heavy with our history. A 1911 should be constructed in America according to a specific design using traditional materials as is a Japanese sword or a light saber. From what I’ve read it looks like Remington got it mostly right. Can’t wait to try one.

  • Chris

    Series 80 firing pin block
    Cast Frame
    Forged Slide
    All parts made in USA
    Sear and Disconnector appeared to be MIM, but not certain.
    I am buying one…………
    Thanks Remington

  • Dan Cron

    I really want one but the gunshop told me that no Californian can buy it because it lacks a magazine disconnect and loaded chamber indicator. I carried a wartime Remington Rand 1911 as a duty weapon in the early 70’s. It’s a 1911 for Petes’ sake. Damn California idiot lawmakers anyway.

  • Tom

    Does it have a firing pin block ?

  • I made a mistake in my previous comment.

    The main spring housing on the Remington 1911R1 is not polymer it is STEEL.

    Sorry for the bad information.


  • I don’t KNOW but I don’t THINK so.

    Mainspring housing is polymer. Purists may not like that but it is of no consequence.

  • Dave

    … and are there any MIM components?

  • Forged.

  • rend

    is this beauty cast or good old forged?