Sphinx 3000 Tactical 9mm | Competition Pistol Review

The Sphinx 3000 Tactical 9mm handgun is a high-End custom quality CZ 75 clone—bred for competition circuits!

The classic CZ 75 pistol has established an enviable track record as one of the best double-action 9mm autopistols in worldwide service with police, military, and civilian shooters. It features excellent ergonomics and reliability in an all-steel pistol, a lower level of recoil, and acceptable accuracy for the service pistol role it was created to fill. Originally built in Czechoslovakia and mostly unavailable in the US until the collapse of the Iron Curtain, it’s also been copied by other non-Soviet-aligned companies in the past in various configurations for import and sale here. The CZ 75 is currently offered in 12 versions by CZ USA that are selling in numbers, and ArmaLite’s brand new AR-24 is a Turkish-built CZ 75-based design. It’s a popular platform, and that’s because it works so well.

sphinx2.jpgWhile regular run-of-the-mill production CZ 75s are built to a perfectly functional level, leave it to the Swiss to grab the design and run it up the Matterhorn in quality and construction. Made in Switzerland, the Sphinx pistol series is the best-built iteration of the Czech pistol that I’ve seen, and at a retail price of over $2000 with tax and shipping, it better be.

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  • Paolo

    You can use a CZ 75 magazine for the Sphynx 3000 tactical 9mm ; I have tried it and it works.

  • Yogie

    “Does any one know where I can get some 9mm magazines for it?”

    You might have to wait just a little: Sphinx have entered into a partnership with / have been acquired by Kriss Arms (depends on wether you believe the press releases or the Sphinx employees), and will be distributed as a result of that in the US shortly. Mag will be available as well (this all presuming you are a US citizen…).

  • Ben

    I managed to get my hands on one of the beautiful guns but now I cant find any mags for it! Does any one know where I can get some 9mm magazines for it?

  • Tony

    Where can a person buy the Sphinx 3000? I went to the website but I didn’t see any prices listed and it was not in english.

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