Springfield Champion .45 ACP Pistol Review

The Springfield Champion .45 ACP handgun is a stainless steel sureshot­—duty or concealed carry special!

Most of us who’ve been shooting a number of years have a short list of guns we’ve sold and also we’ve always regretted letting go. In recent years, I’ve directed the brunt of my gun buying to replacing those firearms that I foolishly let escape. One such weapon was a Springfield Armory Champion.

springfield2.jpgI can remember that day back in the early ‘90s in a local gun shop, making my usual slow pass by the glass cases that displayed a selection of 1911s, when that gleaming stainless Champion, one of Springfield’s newest offerings at the time, caught my eye. Standing in a transfixed gaze, I studied the lines and curves of this 4-inch Commander-esque pistol and was captivated by its rugged good looks. I had to handle it, of course.

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  • In passing a local pawn shop that i have purchased guns before I thought, it doesn’t hurt to take a look right? And sure enough, as I was making a payment on a AK47, I see this stainless 1911 calling to me. So I said.. “Doesnt hurt to just handle it.” The clerk smiles pulls her out, clears it and hands it to me. I’ve owned 2 45’s in my life, a Para 14-45, and a stainless springfield, without the belss and whistles and like a fool I let them both go. So what makes this one so special? I say to myself. “Its nice, but I think Ill pass.” I leave. a few weeks go by and I go back… Now retail is $899. The tag says $699. Not bad for a gun that saw maybe one box of ammo, and not a flaw one… “Here’s a hundred down see ya in a couple weeks.” Let me say this gun performs, is Very accurate, fits your had like a glove, and yes it is carried on many a trips as well as the night stand favorite. Did I mention the match barre and night sights? This one goes nowhere except in the safe… not to be sold or traded… the end…Smiling

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