The all-steel framed Springfield Armory Range Officer is a competition-ready…

The all-steel framed Springfield Armory Range Officer is a competition-ready 1911 straight from the factory, but still loaded with plenty of desirable custom features.

Recognizing that I am definitely in the minority when it comes to gun writers, I readily admit that I have not always been a 1911 shooter. That being said, I did start seriously shooting a variation of the 1911 design a few years ago in competition and that began a slow conversion for me to this style of pistol. The specific handgun that I have used to continue this journey is a Springfield Armory Range Officer. This isn’t my first experience with Springfield Armory, as I have carried their EMP for a while now. With that being said, I was then as I am now, duly impressed with the quality and workmanship of Springfield Armory 1911-style handguns.

The high-ride beavertail, Delta hammer and checkered mainspring housing are all standard factory offerings on the Range Officer .45 ACP.

Gun Details
The Range Officer is an all-steel version of their 5-inch single-stack 1911 .45 ACP pistol. Springfield has taken an already great 1911 handgun and made it a truely capable factory offering that any 1911 aficionado would be proud to own.

The Springfield 1911 platform is the perfect gun for the Range Officer package due to the company’s strict and rigid quality control and their unwavering dedication to “go the extra mile” for their customers. When I opened the signature blue Springfield Armory box containing the Range Officer, the first thing I saw was a black polymer holster and matching double magazine pouch packaged with the pistol. The holster and magazine pouches appear to be a quality continuation of the XD Gear line of accessories. Moving the factory paperwork out of the way revealed the handgun and one extra magazine.

The pistol features a Videcki-style aluminum trigger and an extended combat safety.

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