Springfield XD45 Compact .45ACP Pistol Review

The Springfield XD45 Compact .45ACP combines two guns in one—service or conceal carry—with 14-shot firepower!


It seems like only yesterday that Springfield trumped just about every other handgun manufacturer with its XD45 Service Model in .45ACP. We liked our Service Model test pistol so much that we bought it. We have put well over 1,000 rounds through our XD45 Service Model with zero reliability issues attributable to the pistol itself. Our XD45 Service Model remains one of our favorite handguns for a variety of reasons, which also carry over to the new Compact version. No other polymer-framed pistol offers a magazine capacity so large with so slim a grip size. Now Springfield has upped the ante once again with the new XD45 Compact.

springfield2.jpgThe newest addition to the XD line has the same slide and barrel length as the original XD45 “Service Model,” but with a shorter grip for concealed carry. The new pistol holds “only” 10 rounds of .45ACP, but comes with an “X-Tension” magazine that bumps the capacity up to 13 + 1 rounds, while extending the grip to Service Model length. The idea was to make the Compact convertible to Service Model XD45 size while preserving the compact configuration for concealment. The extended grip is intended to be used when doing a reload once the standard magazine is empty or for those situations when a compact version isn’t necessary, such as duty carry. The flexibility of the XD45 Compact to switch between Compact and Service Model is noteworthy and we commend Springfield for this innovation.

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