The XDM 3.8 Compact, shown equipped with extended magazine and…

The XDM 3.8 Compact, shown equipped with extended magazine and grip extension as well as a LaserMax Uni-Max Micro laser unit, offers concealable CCW firepower.

The retail price for Springfield Armory’s XDm 3.8 Compact is $705.

Versatility and multi-tasking—watchwords in our world today as the economic downturn has forced government, business and individuals to become more cost conscious and budget-minded. When the “purse strings” are pulled tight any item that can offer dual use is sure to attract attention. Springfield Armory has done just that recently with the introduction of the XDM 3.8 Compact.

The magazine on the left features the X-Tension, which holds a substanial 19 rounds, while the one on the right holds 13 rounds.

The XD family of handguns was introduced in 2001. As of press time, this family has since grown to encompass 16 different versions of the XD in Sub-Compact, Compact, Service, Ported, and Tactical platforms, plus 6 variations of the XDM—the most recent being the Compact Model. XD models differ in caliber (9mm, .357 SIG, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP), barrel length (3.01, 3.8, 4.05, 4.5, and 5.01 inches), frame size, and then there are 6 different finishes. Previous XDM models mated the standard-sized frame to slides with either a 4.5- or 3.8-inch barrel; in the case of the new Compact version you get the shorter slide with the 3.8-inch barrel coupled with the Compact frame.

The XDM Compact’s takedown lever is located above the triggerguard and does not require for the trigger to be pulled to engage.

Gun Details
What makes this a dual-use handgun is the magazine. The XDM Compact is presently offered only in 9mm, but expect a .40 caliber to be available by the time this article is printed. The pistol comes with two types of magazines—one has a baseplate that is flush with the bottom of the Compact grip frame and has a capacity of 13 cartridges, the other is a full-size capacity magazine with the XDM Gear Mag X-Tension that not only gives it a 19-round capacity, but also transforms the XDM pistol into a full-size XDM 3.8 configuration. That means you have a compact, but high-capacity pistol for concealed carry/off-duty use and with a simple magazine change, you have a handgun suitable for uniform carry or one for the nightstand that provides plenty of firepower for home defense.

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  • Frank Ramirez

    I purchased a 9 mm a few months ago, for personal protection. I have shot about 3 hundred rounds and seem to be more and more comfortable with it. Although it does have a slight more recoil than the the 4 in. it still feels quite good in my hands. My confidence and alertness is a bit more profound as I can now say that I am more aware of my surroundings.

  • Bassman17SC

    After being out of the Army for 25 years and not shooting anything at all since that time, I purchased an XD(m) 3.8 9mm a few weeks ago. Wow! I had forgotten how much fun target practice can be with a good pistol.
    Of course, this weapon is for home and personal defense.
    I’ve only shot 250 rounds so far, but the trigger is smooth and the sights are great – during the day.
    What I really like about the 3.8 are the multiple safety features (the grip safety).
    Thinking about night sights or a mini laser, but we’ll see.
    Love it so far!

  • I recently purchased the XD(M) Compact in the .40 and absolutely LOVE IT!!!! I am using Winchester Ranger ammo also and its more than I could ask for. I noticed the author said he could get the speedloader to work for him but I have had no issues with it. I also like the fact that I have 11+1 in 40 for concealed use or 16+1 for house protection. I highly recommend thos Poly pistol

  • Entryteam95

    This looks like an awesome pistol and I want one. I’ve just got to figure out how to slip on into my house without my wife noticing when I already own 3 XDms in .45, .40 and 9mm.

  • Soldier

    I think Springfield hit this one out of the park with all the XDM’s! I have 3 of the XD’s and 2 of the XDM’s, 2 1911’s and have never had a Springfield stop shooting till I ran out of ammo! they just work! they hit what I shoot at,what more can you ask for!