Spyderco Byrd Folding Knives

The right folding knives from Spyderco for most any job at prices that can’t be beat!

It’s no big secret that there are two groups of knife buyers: those who feel a special emotional attachment to their cutlery and want only the very best, and those who think of a knife as just another tool like a hammer or screwdriver. Whatever works and doesn’t cost much is good enough. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cutlery importers that prey on the “a knife is just another tool” market. Put out something with a flashy appearance at a rock bottom price and wait for the fish to bite is their general theory of meeting the need. Spyderco Knives saw the market opportunity and thought they could do a better job of assuring the end user a quality tool at a reasonable price. Enter the new made-in-China “Byrd” line.

byrd2.jpgGiven the poor quality of the vast majority of knives exported from the Peoples Republic of China, many of us still have a rather knee-jerk reaction against any knife made on the mainland (Taiwan knives are another story). The bottom line is that the Chinese are willing to make higher-level quality items according to buyer demand. Of course, you can’t expect that to be found in the “$1.99 each” bucket at the checkout counter of your local hardware store. Still, there is no reason a serious working blade can’t be had for under $40.

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