STI Guns | Off Duty .45 ACP Pistol

Out of the guns & gear, the Off Duty .45 ACP from STI International caught our eye.


Carry discreetly with STI’s newest autopistol, the Off Duty in .45ACP. Featuring the patented STI trigger system, tactical light rail, STI RecoilMaster guide rod system, a fully supported 3-inch STI ramped bull barrel and adjustable Novak-style 3-dot sights, the Off Duty is the perfect firearm when out on the street. Buy it at STI International, 114 Halmar Cove, Dept CH, Georgetown, TX 78628; 512-819-0656;

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  • Michael

    I own the LW version of this superb firearm, the Escort. Aluminum frame and short trigger are the only difference from Off-Duty. The weight diff is significant to me. I shoot the steel ones and carry the LW’s. It’s quite accurate for a 1911 LW shorty. Much more so than the shorty colts and kimmies I’ve Owned/fired. Don’t get me wrong…any of the current crop will do the j_O_b. STI is just a cut above, IMNSO.

    Fit and finish on any 1911, to me, is the final mark of a superior firearm. The beavertail grip safety is a great place to see, 1st hand, what level of craftsmanship is demanded by management. STI is a stellar fit. Beautifully sculpted by way of cnc and mim to final hand fit the contours of the mating parts. SLICK, to say the least.
    C_R_I_S_P trigger at 4lbs. Low Profile Adjustable Sights on a big bore, shorty, concealed pistol! GOTTA love it!

    Colt’s current shorty is as poor a fit in the BTGS as I’ve seen, in quite some time. I wouldn’t own the current offering.

    STi is a TEXAS based manufacturer. It gets no better than these. Indi makers with a big name may match the quality, but I bet STI made their frame and slide and some other internals.

    They are an International exporter/importer. They dominate the Race gun games. Bad to the bone, serious pistols for serious shooters….. for real….right out of the box, no tuning necessary, IME.

    I also have an early Trojan 5.0.
    Both above in .45acp.

    Bottom line… money well spent! I would repeat purchase, if they were stolen.

    I love my 2 tone Escort! Long live light weight for everyday carry. Hides superbly under oversize leather/heavy fabric coat in the Galco Lite Classic Shoulder Holster for fall and winter. Galco Skyops IWB is superb hide for spring and summer…even with your shirt tucked in it, at church, on a warm Spring morning.