Taurus 24/7 Compact G2 .40 S&W | Small Pistol Review

The Taurus 24/7 Compact G2 .40 S&W pistol is dependable, accurate and perfectly sized for everyday concealed carry!

The 24/7 Compact G2 offers a lot of features for the money. It’s extremely reliable, fits the hand well, and is capable of impressive accuracy.

The Taurus 24/7 Compact G2 is one of the best thought-out small handguns I’ve seen in a while. It’s striker-fired, double-action/single-action, and has “double-strike” capability, so that in the very unlikely event of a weak firing pin strike on a hard primer, you have the option of pulling the trigger again for a second chance. The .40 S&W version tested came with an 11-shot magazine that gives the pistol a total height of only 4.75 inches (the pistol is also available in 9mm and .45 ACP). Another magazine holding 14 rounds is included in the hard plastic carrying case—which means if you carry the gun with 11 in the magazine and one in the chamber, and you have the other 14-round magazine on your person, you have 26 rounds of .40 caliber hollow points at your disposal. If that is not enough capacity to fight your way to safety, you have gotten into a situation that is way beyond the capabilities of any handgun.

Gun Details
The sights are the low-profile, three-dot type, with the front sight fixed in a dovetail groove and the rear sight adjustable for both windage and elevation. I found them easy to acquire in bright sunlight or on the drizzly, gray afternoon when I did most of the range testing. It’s not a pocket pistol, but it’s not bulky either—weighing only 23.5 ounces and having an overall length of just over 6.5 inches. The 3.5-inch barrel has six grooves (right hand) with a 1-in-16-inch twist, and the frame is a black polymer topped by either a blue or stainless slide. The small Picatinny rail beneath the slide allows you to hang any manner of lights or other accessories.

A nearly ideal compromise between concealment needs and shootability, the new Taurus is still large enough to afford a comfortable firing grip.

The controls on the gun are logical and easy to manipulate. The safety is located where it should be and feels very much like a thumb safety on a 1911. It is ambidextrous, and I know some have expressed worries about an ambidextrous safety latch adding unneeded bulk. I can say two things about that—the first is that the safety latch is small enough to add almost no extra width to the gun, and the second is that an ambidextrous safety is only “unnecessary” if you are right-handed and your right hand is in good working order. One can imagine times in a gunfight when it might not be.

The slide rail on the Taurus 24/7 Compact G2 allows the use of accessories such as lights and lasers on this compact handgun.

The safety latch also functions as a decocking lever. Press it up for “safe,” press it down for “fire,” and press it way down past the firing position to uncock the gun and ready it for double-action shooting. A firing pin block and trigger safety (the little paddle-like projection found on most polymer guns these days) render the gun safe if dropped. There is a loaded chamber indicator and a little red button at the rear that indicates when the gun is cocked and ready for single-action fire—though the position of the trigger in relation to the rear of the triggerguard is probably easier to see quickly.

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    Great review !!! I have the Taurus G2 45 compact version and purchased mine for a few hundred cheaper than a comparable size model of the XD 45 compact, XDM 45 Compact, and M&P 45 Compact. Holds 10+1 rounds and shoots very well. IN the beginning the trigger pull seemed heavy and not as smooth. I dry fired mine a few thousand pulls while sitting watching TV one afternoon and this both lightened and smoothed out the trigger. For a short barreled compact gun it is very very accurate if the shooter does their part. I am happy with mine.