Taurus 24/7 Polymer OSS

The new model Taurus 24/7 OSS is the logical outgrowth…

The new model Taurus 24/7 OSS is the logical outgrowth of Taurus USA’s well-accepted Model 24/7 with input from the Taurus Model 100. The OSS is not just a long slide version. The trigger system is new; the decocking and safety setup that I first encountered with the Taurus Model 100 has been re-engineered and the magazine catch is now reversible. The OSS (this acronym does not represent anything by the way) is a very much upgraded and revised Model 24/7. This is not to denigrate the 24/7 pistol, of course, for it speaks to the needs of a particular market segment. Actually, the OSS is larger, making it a bit harder to conceal and not everyone has any interest in owning a pistol that offers both single or double action firing for the first shot.

taurus2.gifBefore getting into specifics, the OSS is a combination of steel, polymer and aluminum. The steel slide assembly rides on an aluminum insert, which is contained in a polymer shell. The OSS is chambered in 9mm, .40 and .45ACP. The steel slide has Novak three-dot sights dovetailed front and rear and thus are windage adjustable. Its diagonal front and rear grasping grooves, with four up front and six to the rear, enhance slide manipulation.

A large extractor, which also holds the loaded chamber indicator, is at the right rear of the ejection port window. The loaded indicator, a flat metal insert, is sandwiched in the body of the extractor. When a round or cartridge case is chambered, the cartridge case rim moves this insert outward, where it can be seen (and is painted red to help) or felt. Looking inside the slide, you can see the passive firing pin lock at the rear and on the same side as the extractor/loaded chamber indicator. This can only be released by a full pull of the trigger. 

9mm Version
This sample, in 9mm, holds 17 rounds in an all-metal magazine (there are 15 rounds in .40 and 12 in .45ACP). The base plate is removable and shaped to add to the gripping area. The magazine is removed by pressing inward on the horizontally grooved magazine release catch, which is at the bottom and to the rear of the triggerguard on the left side of the frame. The catch now is reversible. In construction, this part is controlled internally by a long wire spring in the forward face of the magazine well.

On the frame, the front strap has two finger swells and the front and backstraps have a grenade-type pattern of raised surfaces. The sides of the frame and the top portion of the backstrap are finely pebbled. The round trigger is smooth faced and its trigger pull weighed in at 6.5 pounds single-action (SA) and 7.5 pounds double-action (DA).

Forward, above the triggerguard, are two dished-out areas, one on each side, where an operator can place his trigger finger. The triggerguard has a forward recurve shape favored by those who like to hook their off-hand forefinger around it while using a two-hand hold. The triggerguard opening is also large enough so that a reasonably gloved finger can still operate the trigger. A light/accessory rail is part of the dust cover and, as was my experience with previous 24/7 models, the rails easily accepted an Insight Tech-Gear light as well as other type of brands.

The OSS continues to have a drop and striker safety, both of which are only disabled when the trigger is pulled completely to the rear. The frame proper of the OSS is the aluminum body, which is inside the polymer shell and held with two crosspins. The back of this frame bears the gun’s serial number, as do the barrel and slide. 

Trigger Action
Within the frame is contained the novel trigger system which is explained well in the owner’s manual. Taurus USA states, on page eleven, “…has a striker firing mechanism. It normally (emphasis added) operates as a conventional Single-Action system… if an ammunition failure occurs and a misfire happens, the system automatically goes to a double-action condition, allowing you to fire again by pulling the trigger double-action…”

Well, this is correct but as late night commercials often blare, there’s more. Let’s start at where you have chambered a round. At this point you can apply the manual safety, which then has the gun in SA mode. (The striker status is indicated by the rectangular red tip of the cocking indicator now visible and flush to the back of the rear of the slide.) If instead of this you want to have the first shot be fired double action, pushing the manual safety further upward decocks the striker from single action to double action. The striker moves forward, where it is captured by the forward and DA sear. The manual safety can, if so desired, be reapplied.

The gun then is fired by a long trigger press with this action moving the striker fully rearward and then releasing it. The striker does not get caught by the SA sear, as the front sear pushes against it and cams it out of the way.

Also, as noted on page 17 of the manual, after firing a round, you can either hold the trigger to the rear or allow it to run forward when applying the manual safety. If the safety is applied with the trigger rearward, you cannot then use the safety’s decocking function. As mentioned earlier, I first encountered the dual-function safety and decocking action on the Taurus Model 100, but it worked in reverse. You have to push downward to decock. The new version works better for me as I ride my thumb, out of 1911 habit, on frame-mounted thumb safeties and was inadvertently decocking while firing.

The OSS offers the option of DA or SA first shot as well as the ability to decock the gun, returning it to double-action for the next shot at any time in the firing cycle. I see a few advantages to this system, such as wanting the efficacy of a cocked-and-locked carry for holster wear, but wanting a double-action pull for places you are uncomfortable with a gun so configured.

Range Time
I had two range sessions, the first for function and accuracy with the OSS 9, giving me a 2-inch four-shot group with one flyer out to 3 inches at 20 yards using Black Hills 115-grain JHP. The second range visit was to shoot the Lower Providence Rod & Gun Club’s monthly IDPA match. I managed to find a DeSantis belt slide holster that would hold the gun without a light along with a DeSantis and a Blade-Tech holster that worked if a light was mounted. A BlackHawk magazine pouch handled the OSS magazine. I went with the belt slide since, with the light on, the gun was too loose a fit in the latter two holsters and you can’t use lights on guns in IDPA matches. 

I found I like the longer slide and barrel of the OSS for such activity, as the gun’s feel is much like that of my 1911 or the long-slide Glock 34 and 35. Reloading the OSS is fast even for me, what with the wide magazine well for the OSS high-capacity magazines. I began some stages with the gun in SA and others in SA mode. 

The only difference was I was at first not comfortable with the long DA trigger stroke and so pulled a few shots out of the center hit zone. I then shot two stages back to back in this latter trigger mode and had no problem, so for me the OSS was a quick study.

The Taurus 24/7 OSS comes with one spare magazine two key locks and a bristle-brush cleaning rod in a hard-sided and lockable case. I understand the .45ACP version also has a magazine loader included.

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  • Joseph

    This is one tough gun, Taurus stopped making because it was too costly to build and be able to sell for less than a M&P or Glock, now that they went down in price over the last 5 to 10 years from $700 + to around $500 Taurus new 24/7 G2 are nowhere near quality of the old 24/7 OSS. The 1st gen 24/7 where forged steel (slide & barrel) not MIM like now, and had full length frame rails.

  • Jake Householder

    I understand that I got really lucky in getting mine I traded a Winchester 1300.20ga for it and they are now next to impossible find so I feel I came out way ahead on this trade I got the.45 tactical model with the trijicon nightsights. I have fired a total of 15 rds through it some custom hot loads that were about +p rated and three rounds of Hornady z-max my normal carry rounds it fits me wonderfully in both fit finish and concealability. I have found at 25meters I can hold a group of three rds all touching with a fourth flier which was shooter error and I had pulled it. In love withit will never let this one go if I can help it would rate 5/5stars if I had a rating system on here.

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  • mike m

    @AL S
    I have a 24/7 pro LS and had the magazine release issue with the first 2 mags it came with. I looked them over and found little tiny cracks starting at the backs of the feed lips, and these were new mags and no I don’t jam slap my mags in either. I got Taurus to send me 2 more, and they drop out like they’re supposed to.

  • I`ve own the PT-145 and the 945 Taurus pistols for about 6 years now . I`ve ran 1000`s of rounds through Both of them without one hickup. part of that I belive, is I`ve reloaded my own ammo for over 45 years . Both guns will group 3 to 4 inches @ 25 yds.all day long .They both will dubbel tap 2-inch shots @ 15 yds. All day long. I keep one loaded at my recliner chair , and one under my pillow in the bedroom with me. Bust it my house and take your chances ! The Best Two 45 acp. pistols I`ve ever shot , and I own other`s as well .

  • Gene Nowaczyk

    I love this 24/7 in .45cal, loaded everything from standard ACP to super loads for it and wonderful results. The Supers give about 1300fts and 750 ftlb, very nice, but not sure one wants to shoot these all day long, we will keep with the ACP load for target :-). Any way it seem like the sights are the largest problem I have much like others, is there a sight set any one recommends?

  • shawntimothyjames

    I have had my 24/7 oss in .45 for about a year now. After 1000+ rounds through it I can honeslty say this was a good purchase and I am happy with it. Had 1 soft pop from remington ammo which was weak and didn’t allow cartridge to be ejected or another striped from mag I’m pretty sure it was the round. Other than that, flawless operation. Now I want one in 9mm because of the price of ammo. 🙂

  • Bob

    I have the 24/7 oss and at first it was to tight and had feed problems, but after 500 rounds it broke in and and the trigger became great and never had a feed issue again. One of the Mags would not drop free and after checking it’s size it was a little bigger so I sent it back and it was replaced. Good Fun Fair Price.

  • Saludos..
    Soy de Puerto Rico y tengo varias Armas de Fuego 23
    y la mas que me gusta es la 24/7…porque no lo se
    es algo muy comodo y se demuestra seguridad al usarla..me gustaria saber donde uno consigue acsesorios de ella…..

  • Floyd

    Ive shot my new 40 oss ds 3 times now. 1st time with 180 gr with results hitting low by 4 to six inches at 15 yards. 2nd time out used 125 gr frangible with results a little better but not much. third time out i used 155 gr that matched the accuracy of the 180 gr. But i will say the gun cycles like a champ. had to competition shooters try shooting the gun with same results. Also disappointed with accessories options for the gun. The least they could do is make an adjustable rear sight to correct the for the drop. Then im sure i would be very happy with the gun.

  • Hay AL S RE: barrel collasped try to lose some weight.Next time you insert mag put some ammo in it first. Stop being simple thats my job

  • dak kosechata

    I have had my 24/7 oss ds 9mm for a few week now and have shoot 300 rounds and had no problems at all. Mounted the streamlight tlr-2 and love it.
    Im shooting 3 to 2 inch groups at 20 yards. Can’t be happier.

  • Mike

    I own several Taurus pistols. I’ve had my 24/7 OSS DS.45 for 3 months. Fired several types of ammo without 1 problem. After having a PT945, found this to be the last 45 I’ll own. Looking to purchase a .40 now.

  • tracknwolf

    I have had my 9mm oss for a couple of weeks and fired close to a 1000 rds. 3-4 in. groups at 20 yds. Shooting great and very easy to get back on target. Love the guns feel and it’s ability to hold tight groups at distance.

  • Andries

    I recently got my 24/7 OSS 9mm and fired 800 rounds in the first 2 days without any problems.
    Took me a while to get used to the sights but I’m now very accurate. Great pistol.

  • Joshua Keele

    I love mine bought it for a duty weapon and realized i can’t find a level three serpa. A little upset but that dosen’t change the fact that the 24/7 oss ds is an extremly funcional and great fealing pistol. My wife stole my 24/7 now she wants this one guess I’ll be purchasing another.

  • jld

    Great handgun! Well made, flawless function, superb accuracy, outstanding safety features among other fine characteristics, size just right, I love mine.

  • davd c

    ive had my 24/7 oss ds 45 for little over a year and have had no problems out of it great gun one of the beat shooting guns ive owned

  • Jeff bowman

    I have had my 24/7 .45 cal for about 5 months now and have put a little over a hundred rounds through it and have never had a jam of any short. I’m still getting use to the gun though. At 25 yards I can’t get a good shot group. Am I shooting to far.

  • Joe

    Have a 24/7 in 40. Not one problem with over 1000 rounds.

  • Shawn James

    I have had my oss for 6 months and put countless ammo of various brands through her. So far no problem. All of the features makes this weapon a solid performer at an attractive price. I’m happy I took it home over the 1911. 12 rounds is always better than 8.

  • Bronson

    My OSS Tactical 45, is a flawlessly sweet shooter, she has about 300 rounds through her & NO ptroblems at all. I like it almost as much as my Glock 34 9mm.

  • Had 24/7 Pro in .45 cal. The barrel collapsed and the gun blew apart. Got A new 24/7 OSS Ds in .45 as the replacement for the blown up gun. Have not been able to fire a shot yet, one clip will eject but the second clip is stuck and the mag release will not release the clip. aNY BODY ELSE HAVE PROBLEMS LIKE THIS

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