Taurus 4510 Public Defender

Designed by Taurus as a personal defense handgun, the compact…

Designed by Taurus as a personal defense handgun, the compact Judge Public Defender is built on the smaller Taurus Model 85 frame, making this 2˝ snub nose one of the most potent close-quarters combat handguns.

The idea of using a shotgun for home-defense is as old as the origins of the double barrel hammer guns of the 19th century. There’s an old west saying that nothing dispenses justice quicker or settles a dispute faster than a double-barreled shotgun. When Winchester made a six-shot lever action shotgun in 1887 and followed it with a slide action in 1893, shotguns were elevated to a new rank among lawmen, homeowners, and outlaws alike. In a shootout, either facing a bunch of liquored up drovers on the dusty streets of a 19th century cow town or facing down an armed assailant outside of a 21st century convenience store, a shotgun has been one of law enforcement’s preferred weapons for more than 150 years. For home-defense there have been mixed opinions about shotguns for decades, mostly because in the confines of a home invasion, a shotgun or rifle barrel is easy for an assailant to grab hold of in close quarters. The jury has long been out on that analysis, but the Taurus Judge line of .410 shot shell revolvers has handed down one verdict that no one can dispute… a pistol that can dispense five rounds of .410 gauge 000 buckshot and maintain a tight pattern at up to 7-yards (a far greater distance than most in-home confrontations with a criminal) makes one heck of a deterrent to anyone on the receiving end.

Gun Details

taurus-4510-public-defender-bFederal Premium 2½-inch Personal Defense .410 gauge 000 (four pellet) buckshot provided a tight and effective pattern at 21 feet. Four rounds fired in rapid succession produced these center body hits on a B-27 silhouette target.

Among the various Judge models offered by Taurus, the new Model 4510 Public Defender may well prove to be the perfect self-defense handgun for home or concealed carry options. For those who favor revolvers over semi-autos, the Judge PD offers an interesting alternative. Since most compact wheelguns carry only five rounds of .38 Special, +P or .357 Mag, you don’t give up anything with the Taurus Judge PD. What you gain is the option to carry five heavier .45 caliber hollow point cartridges, or better, five of the latest technology, hard-hitting Winchester or Federal Premium .410 gauge 000 buckshot shells—first strike defensive loads that have superior stopping capability over regular .410 buckshot or even traditional 000 buck loads that have only three pellets.

The idea for combining a .45 caliber cartridge and a .410 shotshell in one gun is not new—it has generally been limited to specially built over/under derringer-style pistols. Taurus International’s President and CEO Robert Morrison, asked the engineers at Taurus if they could build a revolver chambered for both a .45 LC cartridge and a .410 shotshell. The result was the original Judge chambered to fire 2½-inch shotshells and .45 Colt cartridges.

When the new, long-cylinder 3-inch magnum version was introduced, it raised the ante with 000 buckshot carrying five pellets, two more than conventional 2½-inch 000 buck. Thanks to improvements in 2½-inch shotshells brought about by the introduction of the Judge and specifically the new Public Defender, there are significant advantages to the PD that more than make up for its being restricted to 2½-inch shells.

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  • larry higgs

    do you order this gun or can you buy it in our town of rainer ore .

  • Mr. Clean

    Like David Edger Allallan Coe 1nce said, Son you did not write the perfect Country &

    Western Song…

    Today I saw, and handled the new T J revolvers. I’d seen them before, but rejected them.

    I’m a .45 acp, .45 Super, .41 Power Mag, and .45 Colt kinda guy. My Dad, and his Brothers

    all owned .45 Colt GM acp’s, so I was raised on .45’s. I personally owned an AMT


    I live in St. Louie. Main fear is: Car Jacking. Back in the late ’70’s I had the luck to

    walk into a gunshop going out of biz. I picked up a Ruger New Model BlackHalt Convertable

    in . 45 Colt & .45 acp. In the close out bin was a Ploy Choke 71/2″ Ventlated Rib for that

    gun. Behind the shelf were . 45 WIN Mag 230 Shells, 50% off. I bought some Rem .45 Colt.

    And Fed .45 225 gr Alberts HP’s, (Probably the best .45 LC availabel!) I instantly fell in

    luv with this BlackHawk. Couldn’t afford the Long Colts, so I’d bum Dad’s .45 a.c.p.’s and

    with the .45 a.cp. cylinder I became the Robin Hood of the Range. Most accurate Gun I’d

    fired. Better’n and ole Gold Cup. 1 Det. even called me a liar when 1 showed him my 25 yd

    target with 1 fat .45 hole in the bullseye, I said I’d put 6 rounds through! My buddy and I

    were some of the 1st guys to reload .45 Colt Cases with WIN 296 WIN MAG loads! Unique was

    1st but casaes didn’t last long. 1 cold winter night was ice storm. We made some adapter

    rings to be able to load those WIN Mag cases into the LC Cylinder. I was going to buy and

    additional .45 Cylinder from Ruger, than Gun Smith was going to bore them out to handle .45

    WIN MAg shells. This was before Linebaugh. That night, headed out of the City, back to the

    River were I was going to test fire are hot rodding, left cylinder loaded, I was comming

    across an ice covered bridge driving a French Car, made out of recycled Sherman, and

    Panther Tanks, i.e. would do the loop-de-loop on ice. Comming up on ramp over the bridge

    was a pimp in a hot rodded Chevy. I couldn’t move over as I was alreday fish tailing and

    spinnin’ rubber. The pimp wouldn’t back off. fact he was trying to pass on the right,

    running out of ramp. He raised up a .32 and started grinnin, and pointing it at me. The BH

    was under the seat… So, I thought, OK… This ain’t gonna be my fault… I lowered the

    passenger window, and aimed the BH right at his head. The man, in a red, with pink

    feathered hat, turned slab white. So, instead of blowing the man away, I corrected left and

    fired a round, still not knowing if these .45 WIN MAGS would go: BANG right across his wind

    sheild, sorta like an across the bow warning. I leaned the 7.5″ barrel as far as I could

    towards the window w/o loosing control of the vehicle, and squeezed the trigger. The report

    was deffening. Right after the initional blast my ears went deaf, and started ringing like

    Big Ben. The muzzel flash, at 3 a.m. half way across the man’s windshield. was blinding. He

    steared hard right off the embankment. I was a guest next morning on a CW Radio Show. I

    have no idea how it sounded. My head ste, the enginner said were at max volume. I’ve

    expermented with making shot shells with # 4 buch out of .45 C cases. Recently was going to

    buy some .460 S&W for the same purpose. My problem is my .45’s all all too valuable to

    carry. I’ve built 2 .45 Supers as a Stand Off, take charge pistol. The report is awsome,

    and frightening.

    This piece looks like the simple answer. Will this Poly frame handle Buffalo Bore/Core Bon

    .45 LC +P+’s ? What’s best for anti anti car jack wepon with ability to engage additional

    targets in attack vehicle, or adjacent buildings possibly armed with AK’s or worse; .308’s?


  • ralph humbertson

    gentlemen;i bought the augest 2010 issue,then took it to dealer[out door world] where i purchased the public defender model of judge. some how the article which i tore out from page48-52 has gone missing. i had hoped to reprint it from your web site but i see an abbreviated article on line. it was a great article and the reason i finallt decided to but this taurus pistol.

    how can i get a copy of the article on the judge/public defender model?

    thanks in advance for your assistance.

    ralph humbertson