TAURUS 809C 9mm

The Taurus 809C, shown here with an ArmaLaser SR2, is…

The Taurus 809C, shown here with an ArmaLaser SR2, is the compact version of the excellent 800 series, providing full-sized pistol firepower in an easy-to-handle concealed carry package.

Even before the incredible growth in popularity of civilian concealed carry, compact versions of full-sized pistols were popular. Manufacturers have often released smaller versions of their successful full-sized pistol recognizing the need and desire by many for a smaller gun that had the same ammunition, configuration and controls. In law enforcement, compact versions were and continue to be popular for off-duty or undercover use as well as for on-duty use.

Of course, with more and more civilians carrying concealed, the demand for such compacts has only increased. The Taurus 809SSC 9mm pistol (the SS stands for stainless steel, which is the model received for review) is the newest entry in this arena and is based on Taurus’ 800 Series. A double-action/singe-action (DA/SA) semi-automatic recoil-operated, polymer-framed pistol, it is available in both 9mm and in .40 S&W—the latter is dubbed the 840C. Despite its significantly smaller dimensions it still delivers 12+1 rounds of 9mm or 11+1 of .40 caliber.

The 3-dot Novak sights are easy to pick up. Takedown tabs on either side of the frame make disassembly a straightforward process.

Taurus is not the oldest firearms company around, but through their efforts and commitment to innovation and design they have earned a reputation that is the equal of any of the other names in the gun industry. Starting out in Brazil over 60 years ago as a manufacturer of sturdy double-action revolvers, Taurus started building pistols when they bought a Beretta factory in 1980 and began manufacturing the excellent PT-92 and PT-99. This was a very well made gun, which I am proud to own, and came with a lifetime warranty. The 800 Series is no exception.

A 17-round magazine with wraparound extension is included, which provides the same grip feel as the full-sized 800 pistol.

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  • Rick P

    I just shot my New 809C and 1st clip in started firing two rounds with 1 trigger pull. Range boss stated it had been happening a lot with the new Taurus autos. I will be taking mine back and getting the Ruger LC9 that I was considering in the first place.

  • Jamie S.

    If you have had concealed carry training then you know sights are useless.I bought mine for concealed carry and its perfect.It shoots great,and is the best buy on the market for the money.If you have a problem with the mag release just man up,its a gun.I have other high end guns,but I still carry my PT809.You simply cannot go wrong with this piece.Its a keeper.

  • Art

    I tried other major brands before i bought this gun.It feels and grips really good for me.Performs great as well!!!I bought an extra 17 rounds magazine but it doesn’t come with the wraparound extension.Can someone tell me were to get it?I did called Taurus International (Florida) but they don’t have it in stock.Thanks in advanced.

  • 809er

    I’ve had this gun since last April and I love it! Love the design and all it’s features. I sold a PT111 and a PT709 and got it; $330 shipped from Jetguns.
    Since it is relatively new there aren’t many options as far as holsters go so I got an Old Faithful IWB holster kit and made my own custom holster, highly recommended.
    After almost 500 flawless rounds, and not having fired it for about 3 months the trigger spring broke while cleaning it. Sent it back to Taurus and 2 weeks later got it back; had to pay for overnight shipping. I do cycle the firing mechanism a lot with snapcaps, that smoothed out the trigger and exposed the deffective part.
    This is my EDC, it is comfortable to carry, accurate (after fine tuning the sights), and fun to shoot, recoil is manageable, and it Fits perfectly in my medium size hands.
    Spare mags are hard to come by, but hopefully as the gun becomes more popular we should start to see more options.
    Highly recommended.

  • Fahad

    I am a proud owner of PT809C. I am happy with my choice. This is one of the best pistol to carry around. I agree with other owners that the mag release button is little hard/tight. I have had no problem with this compact baby. Every person in my circle really liked it when they saw it. They are bunch of professionals and they approved! Came with two mags 13 and 17 rounds. Good grip, fits well in hand. built quality good. A must have. 🙂

  • George Stamatopoulos

    1 month ago I bought this gun 9mm for a selfprotection. The small size and the beautiful design attracted me. The negatives are that it has a very hard/rough release of the magazine. The double action pull of trigger is heavier than the average. And the front novaks sight is a little bit thin and skinny and thus it is hard to center it. The positive are that it is really compact, it almost feets correctly to every hand since its well sized. It is very well balanced with the weight and it is VERY easy to find a target. It is a correct choice for someone who wants to carry a gun every day, needs a decocker and safe as well. For a strange reason it is easily lovable and thus I will recommend it. Finally I liked that it offers an extra protection since it locks with a key. I would give 3.5 out of 5.

  • Swilly

    I own this 9mm. I love this gun, it is fast, even trigger pull in double action is still accurate, fits excellent to hand, I’m old school and love the external hammer, hammer decocker, I use for concealed carry and it shoots everything I’ve fed it flawlessly. The only thing is the mag release is rough, and hard to eject, but if you can’t stop your threat in 13 or so rounds, you suck, and should use a shotgun for protection….

  • Doug Barrow

    I’ve debated long and hard over this gun. For the money it’s a steal, a no brainer for me. The only question now is the compact or the full size. I think for a first gun I’ll go with the full size. I don’t intend to conceal carry at this point, I want o learn how to shoot well then consider a smaller gun to carry later.

  • Libercontrarian

    I own this handgun, and I can tell you that it’s:
    1. Very flat.
    2. Very compact.
    3. Seems capable of great mechanical accuracy, although the trigger’s a little heavier than I’d like.
    4. I don’t care for the Novaks – the front sight is very skinny and hard to center.
    5. Physically beautiful.
    6. Has a terrible mag release, easily the worst feature on the gun.
    7. Very fun to shoot.
    8. Was $343 delivered (insured) from Jet Guns, in like 3 days (AMAZING!).
    9. Has a super-short trigger reset.
    10. Double-action pull is stagey/not-yet-broken-in (200 rounds).
    11. Not a gun I will ever part with. I LOVE this little shooter!

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  • I look forward to owning this compact. I have and carry the 845-there are a few Taurus detractors, but I guarantee these pistols set the bar. The brand is becoming a huge market leader. I own other handguns, but I carry a “Bull.”

  • General Jim M

    Something about this pistol i like,i can’t pin it down.I just like it.Never owned one,shot one or even held one,but i like it.Guess i’ll have to buy one to find out why.Same thing for the CZ P07,i like it,don’t know why,i just do.Just crazy i guess.