Taurus PT1911SS-1 .45ACP

In 2006, the Taurus 1911 was the “new kid on…


In 2006, the Taurus 1911 was the “new kid on the block” and was pretty much treated that way. Questions were asked and opinions were given. Well, the Taurus 1911 survived all of these and while doing so established a solid reputation as a priced-right 1911, one that has many formerly custom features found on other higher-priced 1911s.

guns2.gifBack then, the PT1911 had a retail price of $617 (it’s now going for $719) and you could have it your way, only if “your way” was a blackened, all-carbon-steel 1911. The choices have broadened since the first version proved itself and this sample, the PT1911SS-1, is one of those choices. An all-natural (gray-colored) stainless steel 5-inch .45ACP-chambered 1911 with a rail, it contains all the features found in the original PT1911 I reviewed back in 2006.

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