TAURUS PT24/7 G2 9mm

Further enhancing its defensive capabilities, the PT24/7 G2 features a…

Further enhancing its defensive capabilities, the PT24/7 G2 features a rail for the attachment of a variety of lasers and lights, such as this LaserMax Micro laser shown here.

Despite the predictions made by hardcore purists in the early 1990’s, this “plastic gun fad” is far from over. It’s quite the opposite, as every major handgun manufacturer in the world has some form of polymer framed pistol and/or revolver.

Taurus International entered the polymer-framed pistol market with the model 24/7 several years ago. Since that time they have added a tremendous number of guns to their line and made several modifications to the original design.

The ambi manual safety lever also functions as a decocking lever on this striker-fired pistol. Although a striker-fired pistol, the PT24/7 G2’s trigger system features DA/SA operation.

Gun Details
The Taurus model 24/7 G2 is the latest version of the pistol, and featured herein is a 9mm incarnation. This Generation 2 model is essentially the culmination of original 24/7 models and the Taurus 800 series. The G2 in 9mm holds a substantial 17 rounds of ammunition in steel magazines, two of which are provided with each gun. The slide of the sample pistol was made from stainless steel, but carbon steel slides with a blue finish are also available. As touched on, Taurus uses a textured black polymer frame. Three different backstraps are provided in small, medium and large sizes. The stainless steel barrel is 4.2 inches and the overall length is 7.28 inches.

The Taurus 24/7 G2 pistol includes a loaded chamber indicator atop the slide.

As for the controls, this gun is a lefty’s dream. All of the manual controls (including the magazine release button, slide lock and manual safety lever/decocker) are ambidextrous. In regards to the trigger and action, the 24/7 G2 is a striker-fired gun. However, unlike most conventional guns of this style, the trigger function is DA/SA.

Specifically, this means that the first pull of the trigger both cocks and releases the striker, while follow-up shots are single-action with the striker being fully cocked. Other features include an external extractor and a loaded chamber indicator on the top of the slide.

As for sights, those provided on the pistol are drift adjustable and the rear sight has a tiny elevation screw. These are the three-dot variety with white dots fore and aft. Each pistol is shipped in a padded hard case with all the accessories mentioned.

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  • CSparks

    I just ordered a new Taurus G2 – 24/7 Compact 45 ACP.
    We own older 24/7’s also 45 ACP and love the Blackhawk SERPA Belt/Paddle Holster’s for the PRO 4.2″ and the OSS 5.25″ models.

    I want for my new Taurus GEN 2 – 3.5″ 45 ACP a new Blackhawk holster(s)either or both the Blackhawk SERPA Belt/Paddle Holster’s or BlackHawk CQC Detachable Slide Holster(s) .. Black leather .. two styles .. one with a thumb lock and the other designed very different and without the thumb lock but with an integral mag pouch. Any direction on finding ( or one that would fit well to perfect?

  • General Jim M

    I just saw this gun,new,online for some 330 bucks.