The new PT740 from Taurus USA combines slim and trim…

The new PT740 from Taurus USA combines slim and trim dimensions with the power and performance of the .40 S&W cartridge. It is shown equipped with a LaserLyte Model RL-TS rear sight laser unit.

Thin is in” would seem to be an appropriate catch phrase for concealed carry pistols this year. Numerous handgun makers are offering thin or slim versions to court the discreet carry handgun market. Taurus USA is on board this thin/slim train with a line of pistols in their “Slim” Series.

Gun Details
There are two caliber choices in the Slim Series, including the 9mm. The new PT740 “Slim” is chambered for the .40 S&W cartridge. Slide finishes are available in blue and stainless steel. A black polymer grip frame is the base for all of these pistols. Taurus’ model PT740 pistol weighs only 19 ounces empty and is 6.24 inches long.

The stainless steel barrel is 3.2 inches long. Two 6-round magazines are shipped with each handgun. The magazines have flat floorplates and seat flush against the base of the frame. Atop the slide Taurus has installed low profile 3-dot sights. The front sight is fixed while the rear sight is fully adjustable. Internally the PT740 has a striker-fired DA/SA trigger mechanism. A manual safety lever is located on the left side of the frame, which prevents the gun from firing and also locks the slide in place. Although ambidextrous safeties are the norm these days, Taurus chose to place only a right-hand safety lever on the 740 to keep the pistol as slim and trim as possible. In keeping with this, the safety lever itself is very low profile and unobtrusive.

taurus-pt740-slim-40-b The PT740 features a non-ambi manual safety at the rear of the slide. A red dot is exposed when the pistol is ready to fire.

In addition to the manual safety, the PT740 features a trigger safety paddle located in the center face of the trigger. It is designed to prevent movement of the trigger unless the firer’s finger depresses the paddle. Working in concert with the trigger safety is a passive firing pin block. This spring-loaded plunger-style block prevents forward movement of the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled fully to the rear. As a further safety enhancement, the PT740 also employs a loaded chamber indicator at the rear of the ejection port on the upper portion of the slide. This feature offers the shooter both a visual and tactile indicator of the condition of the Taurus PT740’s chamber. Disassembly for cleaning is rather simple. The disassembly lever is located just above the trigger on the frame. The PT740 breaks down to five major part groups, including the magazine for routine maintenance. Taurus’ patented security system is present on the pistol and the action can be locked out with a special key.

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    This is a “combat” handgun?