The case for multi-gun carry

Dave Kenik is a firearms instructor and author with both…

Dave Kenik is a firearms instructor and author with both a tactical mind and quick wit. Some time ago, he figured out that it made sense to carry three handguns. There would be a combat auto on his strong-side hip to get from a standing position; a snub in a trouser pocket where, if uncertain danger reared its head, he could surreptitiously have his hand on it ready-to-go with no observer being the wiser; and finally, a compact handgun in an ankle holster for fast access if he was in a car.

How many guns to carry is a topic that often comes up in discussions on the Internet and in letters to the editors and writers of gun magazines. There is a certain, frequently seen intolerance level. X number of people seem to think anyone less well armed than they are “sheeple,” and that anyone better armed must be a “mall ninja.”

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  • samuel


    Fighting is about brains not braun. Every good outcome comes from the good use of ones brain i.e., the nogin.
    There is no need to carry three guns or two. One gun 5 shot S&W jframe is enough.
    Please…Most gun manufactures and marketing techniques for gun sellers are making cash hand over fist, by selling paranoia and how to cope with that paranoia. There techniques are buy the most expensive, least useful guns on the market.
    A revolver is the best personal defense weapon for a civilian, cop, or a Marine. Personal defense does not mean conventional warefare in Iraq. every weapon has its necessary usefulness. For example; A m40 sniper rifle is useful for sniping. A saw (Squad automatic Rifle) is useful for squad military tactics. A S&W jframe is useful for personal defense. In all these examples the brain is the most necessary, weather you are a combat Marine or Joe Shmo house owner trying to protect your home. Don’t buy into the hype, the more guns you buy the more money you out into the gun manufacturing industry.
    Are you going to Iraq? Then buy an M4 no doubt about it. Are you staying in the USA then get yourself a revolver a no fail choice for personal defense. There is a story of a Marine scout sniper that had a Jframe while on missions in Vietnam. He accidentally got his cover exposed, and was ambushed by a VC. With his pocket pistol he put two rounds into the VC and terminated that deadly encounter. His Sniper rifle was of no use at all in that encounter, but his S&W jframe was. Moral of the story, don’t ever leave home without your revolver, it can save your life.

  • J.B. Blank

    I’ve been reading the iterations of Massad Ayoob for three decades.

    While I may not always agree (rarely), I have yet to find fault or flaw in Massad’s perceptions.

    If you want to insure your best chance for survival in a lethal confrontation or the potential courtroom drama that may very well ensue, read Ayoob’s thoughts, learn his mindset, and practice what he tells you. Period.