The longest recorded sniper shot in history, an interview.

Corporal Robert Furlong of the Canadian Armed forces was a…

Corporal Robert Furlong of the Canadian Armed forces was a trained sniper assigned to work with American Special Forces during Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan. His three man sniper team was assigned as overwatch for a known Taliban supply route. The Canadians set up their hide in mountains up to over 10,000 feet and soon saw a three man Taliban squad making their way into the sniper team’s area of operations.

One of the enemy combatants was carrying a belt-fed Russian General Purpose Machine Gun, on par with a M-60 or M-240. Rob settled behind his McMillan .50 Sniper rifle, and although the range of the targets was well beyond anything he had been trained or even had “dope” for his weapon, he was determined to stop the armed terrorists that were over a mile and a half away. Which he did.

Harris Publications sat down with Rob Furlong at SHOT Show 2010 for an exclusive interview as he told his account how he successfully engaged these terrorist and made the longest recorded sniper shot in history. Coming soon in an upcoming Harris tactical magazine read his full story and how only the best of the best can take their knowledge of their weapon, optics and ballistics to extrapolate a successful shooting solution.

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  • randy

    wel done

  • We would like to get your sniper at one of the shows in the United Arab Emirates-Abu Dhabi.
    If we can do so,let me know.


  • MA2 Powers (US NAVY)

    Job well done, take it to them!!!

  • Jon

    Sorry adrian I am gonna have to agree with Edward except for the fact that we don’t actually have quality either. The average infantryman can’t even get on the simplest course right now because they have decided to fund the other forces more than landforce – no training – no money- no people….

  • James Helmke

    Well Done Soldier!

  • Edward

    I was referring to Adrian’s comment, btw.

  • Edward

    That’s… not true, unfortunately. The surge ring a bell? As awesome as Corporal Furlong’s feat is in and of itself.

  • Dan

    Talk about taking your training to another level. Well done!

  • Job well done Corporal Furlong!

  • Adrian

    BRAVO, We may have a small armed force but we don’t need the numbers, its like quality over quantity!


      Right? Be sure to spread the news and stay tuned for the entire story!